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Monday, 31 January 2022


 It's been a bit breezy here and cold as well but we are fine. I lost the damaged hatch cover on Saturday night but have got it properly sorted now and last night it was perfect.

I popped into Cupar first thing for some very posh high temperature silicon seals. They have been on back order for ages, nothing to do with Brexit as I was talking to a friend in Florida and he is waiting ages for stuff as well. Whilst in the big town I called at Lidl, didn't buy much but got enough stuff to keep me going. 

I got a couple of tins of these as they go well in a stew or as I prefer to call it a casserole. One of my five a day! Christ on a bike if I managed five tins of beans in a day I'd be farting like a vegan or a horse.

I have a vegan casserole on the go.
It has the beans, onions, half a bulb of garlic, a big handful of those yellowy orange seeds, potatoes and cos it didn't look right one and a half pounds of best mince. I think the woke folk call it a flexitarian stew. Here we call it Tatties and Mince. This will see me through till Wednesday or possibly Thursday. Sorry about the focus on this but when I use shallow depth of field I must remember to focus on either the foreground or background. Just remembered the little yellow seeds are called lentils, very good for thickening a casserole they are if those about one don't mind you blowing off.

I tried vaping a few years ago and didn't get on with it. I am having another go.
I hope this time it works and I can limit rollups to high days and holidays and cigars to Christmas and Easter.

I've been studying the new Highway Code. It seems sensible by and large but cyclists ought to pay road tax and insurance if I'm expected to let them ride where they like. Pedestrians jay walking glued to a mobile phone or listening to stuff through ear buds, should be warned and if caught again have their legs chopped off. I am still working through it all but opening the door with my left big toe is going to take some practise. May have to get a Chauffer to do that job or get a left hand drive car. I can see problems here. Anyone recall The Green Cross Code, daft buggers had kids leaping in front of cars. They thought the Jolly Giant would save them. The same children now old believe in a jab or five. Terminally stupid they are. If I'd had three polio jags in a year and then got polio, maybe, just maybe I would think....wait a moment.

I was beginning to think that the populations of Canada, Australia and New Zealand had all turned into pooftas. The Canadian truckers and all their supporters have proved me wrong. Soy boy Justin Castro has gone into hiding and Ottawa is in party mode. It makes me wonder if he was christened Justin or happen it's a nickname his wife gave him.
Truckers Sir, a fringe minority Sir, most likely racists Sir.
That's Just In on the far left. Far right if one is not used to looking at images.

It's not all bad news. In fact things are looking up.
OXFAM missed a trick here, can't imagine any right minded bloke not paying three pounds a month to save her. Whether or not she can be arsed walking three miles a day for water would matter not a jot in Scotland. Perhaps Oxfam are still committed to shagging children. I understand they have promised to stop since they were told it's a bit naughty.

That's almost all from the loony bin. I'll leave with this.

Sad it's more of the same.


  1. Hope you manage to get on OK with your new vaping device. It took me many attempts over several years to finally make the permanent switch from tobacco. Experimenting to find the right type of coil, temperature, liquid and nicotine strength to suit you takes time. The one thing I could never get on with was the short drip tips they include. I bought several packs of longer ones.

    When you finally get your full ability to taste and smell just think how much more you will appreciate the odour of the mixed beans when eating and when expelling the resultant gas.

    1. I'll give the vaper another good go.
      I too prefer the longer tips. I must get some.