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Wednesday 5 January 2022


 It's birthday video season and try as I do I find it very hard to do good ones. Next year I may get there. Last year I learnt tons of stuff but being a thick bastard I keep forgetting what I learnt. I wish I had had a structured course in computer generated stuff, I suspect I'd have become bored and gone off on my own wandering path to mediocrity. Much like the teachers.

Here is a still from birthday card #1.

The sphere changes colour, pattern and disappears the happy birthday bit goes round and round but contra rotates to the sphere. Then the recipients name comes into view as the the sphere dissolves. To make things worse the lighting changes. How to keep track of that lot. The Dope Sheet, I knew it existed but never could fathom rhyme nor reason for it. It sorts out muddles for dopes.

 The little yellow rotated square diamondy things are Key Frames and can be selected and shuffled about to make a smoother or more appealing video. I suspect the posh sods at Disney knew this all along.

In other news, I hear Tony Blair is being Knighted. Sir Queer Starmer has the China Pox again, I suspect he is very close to an entry in the Guinness Book of Records. Not many folk can have caught a lethal disease as many times and survived. Not many folk would have survived protecting the peados in Telford and Jimmy Saville but it's a strange world we inhabit. Starmer is truly blessed and the Queen is a twat for Knighting them. Had she anything about her she'd have had their heads off while the chance was there.

I called at Lidl this morning on my way to talk to the horses and really scored. Two massive packs of stewing steak for £2.00p each, as many Tangerines or (Quick peels as they now describe them) as I wanted for a pound. Sweet ones were more expensive but these are fine. After checking out I got one of the best Veg Boxes ever, they are £1.50p and this box did three households after the thieving buggers at the stables had taken advantage of me. It had two packs of tiny lettuce, a mango and a couple of Kiwi fruit and some little apples that are great. Three bags of potatoes, one of baking, one of salad and some posh ones. It's like the second coming of Christmas. It also contained plums, a garlic bulb and a load of carrots, crafty sods pop the carrots underneath the good stuff. Some of the latter were the posh, small dumpy ones, the others were animal feed. We always have a surfeit of carrots at this time of year so I left the normal ones for the horses. Washed carrots don't last but the dirty ones are good for a few weeks. Lidl don't do dirty ones but the farms do and they do Brassica tops for nothing if one stops and asks when they have the machines running. I have enough veg left for a Veganuary and enough beef to make it worthwhile cooking and eating.  

Have fun.


  1. You find some great food bargains at Lidl

  2. Starmer has been saying some confusing things like praising the BBC for steering us through Covid. I know they think they are the opposition party but if the real opposition believe it then something is not right. Oh well, we live with Blair's legacies now and forever amen. Happy birthday to those in the birthday season. Nobody here. I went in Aldi once but didn't recognise anything and soon left except in Berlin where I shopped everyday. I didn't expect to recognise anything in Berlin but here, I know what I like and I like to see it. .

    1. Both Aldi and Lidl are fine here but they do stock lots of Polish food. Meat, veg and dairy is sourced locally for the most part.
      I don't think Starmer says confusing things so much as he says contradictory things on different days.

  3. I'm sure those lucky enough to be on your birthday list will be delighted with their greetings cards. Good to see you are finding more food bargains at Lidl.

    1. Pauline they are short Birthday videos. Email your birthday and I'll see what I can do.