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Sunday, 16 January 2022


 I wasted half of yesterday moping about, I am missing Alf something rotten even though I had seen the day coming for several weeks. I gave myself a kicking and got on with birthday stuff.

 It is birthday video season so I had a look for something bright, cheerful and animatable. I saw something I think is called Chromatype playing about. I looked for instructions on YouTube but only found a rather piss poor result by an interesting looking lass. I realised that with some practise I could, with a fair wind, do better. 

This morning after a quick visit to Sainsbury's and a more protracted call in at the stables I settled down to give it a really good seeing to. I love Blendering and it's just as well. This is really hard to get right so many adjustments and in typical Blender fashion they are either way too sensitive or do bugger all until you change the one above. Little wonder posh, bright folk write their own bits of script for repetitive jobs. Even a numb nut like me has taken to using a few characters of Python code to animate stuff. Blender being Open Source is excellent for this as you can re-code anything to suit yourself. I must confess it doesn't help me that much but it's nice to know one could were one able.

This is awful, it does have sparkly bits which I popped in using a compositor layer. The depth of field is too shallow but I can sort that bit. The little bubbles I will pop in using particles with no gravity and a Brownian motion. In the video the text expands and contracts along the mesh normals using a Wave Modifier and if I animate the letters then they will intermingle a bit and distort here and there. This is an EEVEE render it looks better rendered in a ray trace render engine and the new Cycles renderer doesn't take that much longer.
This is what it looks like rendered posh and what I would like it to look like I'll try rendering a frame of this and pop it into the compositor for some mist and sparkles. How to get the bubble colour refraction round the edges, I'll give it some thought, I've got a bit of time so maybe adding a touch of Fresnel and colour noise would help.

I've ten days till the next video so no worries.

I do have a tooth giving me serious gyp. It's days are numbered, time for some sailcloth twine and a painful five minutes tugging. Toothache is not nice, how does one tooth give you earache and eyebrow ache? Perhaps it doesn't for normal folk. I have all my bottom teeth but am fast running out of top ones and this s a top one. 

Have fun and enjoy your week.


  1. I hope the birthday things starting moving around and jumping about, they are a bit static today, I look forward to the videos.

    Good luck with the toothache. Codeine is good.

    1. They do move around but require a few hours work yet. I have Naproxen which would stop tusk ache. I try and save it for really bad days.

  2. I can understand how you must be missing Alf. I don;t understand any of that about making a video except that it must be difficult. Really, you plan to pull your own tooth? I cam't even begin to imagine that. Take care.

    1. Yes it will take a while to get used to his absence.
      I always do my own teeth but this one isn't quite ready yet.