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Wednesday, 12 January 2022


 Though I admit it's been a good forty years since I voted I do love following politics. It's like a real time Soap Opera but far more expensive. One should get some amusement for ones money. Today I was sad watching Boris squirm but not sad enough to wish that the bastard was tarred and feathered. Queer Starmer should have left it to Angela to put the boot in. He's useless, a Blair protégé who was knighted for ignoring sexual deviants. Say what you like about Angela, she is still there and gobbing off like a goodun, not a Thatcher but he daren't sack her. Says all you need to know about Starmer. 

I had to laugh, it was all theatre. They always have rules for them and rules for us. Do you really believe that civil servants and politicians spouting about a deadly virus would gather to party if they were following or believed in the science or the virus. I struggle to believe it was a bring a bottle do. I fully expect we paid for the bottles. It was all bollocks to frighten folk into taking a vaccine that doesn't protect and doesn't prevent transmission so not a vaccine at all but it does make oodles of money. It can however cause lots of inconvenience. I know of one lassie who had her period for a month. I hear about fit sportsmen keeling over.

 Not to worry, you've been had. You should have kept banging pots and pans at the moon but you stopped as you felt a bit silly doing it. Surely it's about time you woke up to the reality that taking unauthorised drugs has risks. Many believe that smoking and drinking alcohol are bad as is sugar. It's mostly a tax scam.   

The draconian rules were designed to break your spirit. Wear a mask standing, or after ten in the evening. Men can go for a piss but have to wear a mask but ladies can relieve themselves maskless unless they are the mucky buggers that piss on the floor. Next is you smart meter folk will be allocated electric. It's all about control. 

Anyway it was a good day today, We got paid for the milling machine. I solved the wee problem of black dots on the bird. I was cleaning up strobe lights and a camera and 5x lens ready for insecting, It's a big job as I am sick of seeing the strobe reflection. I am building a new rig with modern daylight LEDs the strobes are now redundant.  Anyone want a load of strobes plus a very smart trigger for them. Whilst doing so I caught both sunrise and sunset.

Here are couple of snaps from the van.

Ages after dawn but not a bad view.

Red sky at night means it's going to be fine tomorrow. Unless it pisses down.
Have fun.


  1. A couple of good photos, I saw an evening red sky last night but couldn't be bothered to get the phone and photograph it. I don't think it is ever possible to get rid of a civil servant. My vote is for Priti Patel for new leader. She can stand up to them but even the powers that be dictate that she fails. It is a laugh and lots of silly views as we head for dying of cold in 20 years time.

    1. I wish I could see one of them worth support. Frost possibly but it would be difficult these days to have a PM who wasn't elected.