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Tuesday 4 June 2019


President Trump is here and I wish I had more time to savour the Socialist hypocrisy,  maybe lunacy but I suspect it's just cognitive dissidence, two words for ignorant. It is fine for the left to meet Xi Jinping but then they seem to hold tyrants in high regard and can only dream of having such power here. Even Obama was lauded by the left and worse still the harridan Hilary. I just fail to understand but then I must be thick or Hitler. Obama did far more damage to millions of South Americans at the border. He droned and bombed his way through the middle east. To the social Justice Warriors the lazy Obama and the crooked Hilary are heroes or maybe heroines. Never been sure what Obama is.
This bloke looks like a leader. He does what leaders do, he chats to folk. Our future king looks like a wazzock. He's never seen anyone stop and chat to a squaddie. Never too late late to learn you bumptious cuckold.

 I'm not intelligent like a skool master with an A-Level in Geography and another in art. For the record my A-levels were a great disappointment to my parents, to my science master and the head of mathematics, I was coerced into to taking four exams. Physics, Applied Maths, Pure Maths and chemistry but I ditched the latter voluntarily. I wanted to go to Loughborough because they had rugby and a posh engineering faculty, they wanted two Bs and a C I knew I wasn't clever enough for MIT. The Mankies wanted straight As and though offered a place at Aston the thought of three years or more in Birmingham appalled me. I was a little miffed to get two Cs and an F but then I did next to no work as things like girls, running, working and climbing were occupying me full time. Speschully the girls. I regarded the examination boards marking as fairish. These days I could claim speschul needs. I was Totty fixated but a virgin, even the noted easy ones declined my best fumbles. Don't regret anything but the rugby, I missed not experiencing that. 

It seems the left are put off by rain. Frightened of a wash I suspect. 
Lots of sticks and paper going to waste. I trust not into landfill.
 Despite her foul writing I would. I hear much the same when loading sheep or cattle. Bet a pound to a penny she is a poppet but isn't talking to the heifer that just kicked her or has ever seen one. Still suit me were she to play her cards right.
 Unlike this. Happen never done that much work or washing.
This is brilliant. I don't think she needed a placard. Happen it's to inform The Hope not Soap lot. I know folk that have married far worse looking lasses. I doubt they held a placard like this up, must be a vegan asexual thing with embarrassing smelly bits.
I hold no particular feelings about Donald Trump, I don't know the bloke. The left have to have things to hate. It justifies their own inadequacy and helps them sleep at night.
 It will be interesting to see if the MSM changes with the rise of The Brexit Party. I have voted for TBP and we'll see if they can control Globalism. I doubt it, Farage is what he is a populist a bit like Corbyn but without the urge to stand next to murderers to get a stiffy on. Populist has to be better than the same old three party system. The danger is the Liberals will win, the Perverts and Paedo Party but it's not exclusive they have the most but all politicians are suspect.  A clean sweep of the Aegean Stables that is Westminster is required then I will attack the new lot.
It's just fun.
All images were borrowed.


  1. I am an American. President Trump, though not a perfect man, is doing the things he said he would do. Our economy is doing very well since he took over. If you look at what he is doing and not what others tell you he is doing, well there is a vast difference. The media is hell bent on tearing him and his good deeds down and for what end?

    1. I am also and American. I agree with the above statement and have a hard time with people with low standards trying to put down this President. If you disagree, use some class and articulate your points of view.