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Sunday 30 June 2019


The Campers were all sorted for ten this morning so I decided on a trip to Methyl to see the vintage rally.
 It was great, a small show with some very high quality exhibits. The dogs enjoyed meeting new canines so a good morning was had by all. The highlight of Alf's outing was provided by a little girl who dropped her burger. She grabbed him and rescued it from his jaws but her mum made her give it him back. She was quite happy dividing it between Alf, Moll and a Collie that paused in it's perambulations to share the unexpected bounty. Poor lass she could have eaten it as Alf only had a little bite out of it. She did learn to say gently before feeding them tiny bits. Took her ages to dole it out as equally as she could manage by eye.
A Sentinel steam wagon and a 3 ton Bedford.
The heritage railway was also open but I didn't go into that bit, I prefer visiting that on a Tuesday when one can usually find folk working and have a look round.

I think this is a Royal Enfield Model A. This is a two stroke so I'm a little confused. I thought by 1939 they were all four strokes but not to worry it is perfect.
The star of the show.
A 1914 Swift Cyclecar. This is a famous car and the sports model with a twin cylinder engine, I seem to recall that front brakes were an optional extra. The brass cylinder on the running board is an acetylene generator to power the lights.
Have an enjoyable week. I'll sort some more images and post a part two.


  1. I love wandering round meetings like that. I missed one of tractors at the Lincolnshire Wolds Railway today. Penny wasn't very well so we ended up making an expensive Sunday afternoon visit to her vets. She is looking better now.

    1. I love the amount of time these folk spend on our heritage. I also love the fact that these events are popular and that folk appreciate the amount of skill that goes into restoring and maintaining old machinery.
      Vets are expensive, Alf cost a fortune last year as his ears got waxed up. The vets sorted it at the second attempt but I refused to pay for the botched effort. At the dogs veterinary practise or practice I have to pay to get the dog back so they lost out on the successful treatment.
      Good luck to Penny.

  2. It's many years since I attended an event of this sort, Adrian, and this post has made me realise what I'm missing. There's some wonderful machinery on display there, and so much of it is a credit to man's ingenuity! Not to mention the love and attention given to the exhibits!

    Best wishes - have a great week - - - Richard

    1. Richard, I enjoy small shows. two more to go this year. Kinross Show and another car show in Ladybank.
      I don't know where the Working Horse Show is, I'll check as it's a good one.