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Saturday 15 June 2019


I am a bad workman, I blame the tools.
I have decided that fSpy needs much more work. The big problem is that I can't select wire frame in Blender 2.80 when modelling without losing the reference image.
I set up what I thought would be something simple to model and projection paint but it doesn't really work.
When imported into Blender it gets worse. I could run it through twice to camera match the table but is it worth the hassle? Not for me it isn't. It was worth a look but I now know why folk charge a fortune for laser mapping stuff.
Yesterday the car passed it's MOT. It needed a ball joint on the steering arm and cost rather a lot but far less then Renault would charge. Changing a ball joint is a thirty minute job. It's a grand garage. A proper car repair shop.

I like to use these places. The staff never vary and it doesn't cost a fortune to book the car in. Here there is a friendly one and a grumpy old man, both are fine as I'm a grumpy old man. Nice to find a kindred spirit and not get ripped off. It has a shop selling tobacco so they are doing their bit to keep nurses employed. Were the InterNational Health Service privatised then non would be forced to visit food banks. They would be on mega bucks or the dole.
This morning I was what photographers call.... Well out of my comfort zone. I am crap at taking pictures of moving things in bad light without using strobes. I love strobes. They freeze the moment... Perfeck, no calkulation rekwired, a bit of time setting up for the gizmo to trigger them. I love the mega bucks Pocket Wizard; it works a treat but apparently horses don't like strobes. There are lots of things horses object to. Some, even in Scotland, are spooked by umbrellas, IronBrew cans and helicopters. If I owned a horse I'd teach it to love everything.  Here are a few snaps taken of folk having fun.
Nice horse. Stunning lady. A bit dour but then many Scots are. 
 Young Children. Their mums do their hair. The horse is called Darcy Carole does Darcy's hair.
 A little bit older girl. She is good at this vaulting. I think the horse is a Bay. It is beautiful. I could be wrong but I seem to recall that Bays are any shade of brown but with black mane and tail. This is a belter of a horse.
Here it is again I liked this horse.
This is the same lass that I snapped first. I have an eye and a knack for spotting talent, very photogenic, no Photoshop curves adjustments required here.

Enjoy your week. 
If like me you struggle to post and keep getting ditched as unacceptable to the EU content directives. Press escape, Log in again and carry on. It's a pain but the EUSSR aren't the brightest. The twats just take money for doing nothing. Bastards and Twats they are.


  1. I too blame the tools, Adrian - those that are supposed to be running the country, but are more concerned with protecting their own interests!

    I'm impressed by that mug - no I'm not talking about politicians still!

    1. Richard, the mug was a present.
      What irritates me is the total incompetence of the ruling class. Most would struggle to find employment on the bin lorry.

  2. I had my work cut out staying on a horse once the ground ceased to be level. Those riders are quite amazing. But then you know that anyway.

    1. Graham, I have never ridden a camel but I hear they are a real challenge.

  3. When you find a good honest local garage they are worth their weight in gold.

    1. John, I am lucky and have a choice of two.

  4. Beautiful horses and pretty girls - a good mix! And I like the little blue car that matches the paintwork at the garage.

    1. Pauline, I like the enthusiasm. I can only manage about a couple of hours of it then am ready for home.