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Friday, 20 December 2019


I am unashamedly anti EU. A bloated autocracy. It is the fourth Reich in all but name.
 Can any folk conceive that the bloody French charged a fee for British registered boats to dock up till the mid 1980s. Snowflakes, we bombed a few houses but all the French were in the resistance when we won apart from the majority that weren't. They are twats. Forgive and forget. No. Forgive but never forget.

 It's a problem is having twats  thinking they know best.

 We are now being led by a Boris and not by an idiot who believes that maggots will appear in your orange juice. Silly man, best to treat Momentum as an endless source of amusement. They can be violent so we will always have to be careful, not too careful, most are school teachers or prospective school teachers, children or similar. Many like Jared just get a man to hit a woman, easy but very naughty.

 I don't like the NHS. They discriminated against me as I had been privately treated in the Azores. I then had to object to their standards but then again nobody is perfect. I clean animal accommodation better than the idle sods in the Northern General Sheffield where my mum was. I was lucky found a good bloke with a posh set up to sort me iffish.
 I am good, sixteen years on. If I go tomorrow walking the dogs or shifting horses, their muck and food. No worries. I doubt I'll ever master computers but here is my latest effort.

It may get better or worse but learning computers is my goal. Sod the Krauts. I can't sort Apple as I have never been wealthy enough or puffy enough to own one.
Have a great Christmas.


  1. Best wishes in the year ahead!

  2. I've known you around ten years. Did you realise that? You've taught me a lot in that time one way and another although I'm unteachable when it comes to Blender et al. I don't know how many times in those years that I've suggested that you stop pussyfooting around and say it as you really feel it. I'm glad to see that you're at last taking my advice.

  3. Merry Christmas, Adrian. I'm glad you're happy going into the New Year. May it be a good one for you without too many Blender-ish challenges. Or maybe it's the challenges that keep you happy. Either way, Happy New Year.

    1. Pauline, I find Blender an endless source of fun.

  4. merry Christmas Adrian ! keep enjoying what you do
    Thoughts of France

  5. Im glad you decided to continue with your blog. You sound like the old Adrian again. Happy Christmas to you.

    1. Bob, thanks. I have plenty more to rant about so stay tuned.