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Monday, 2 December 2019


I have had a grand weekend away. Sunday morning I ventured out on slip-slidey roads to catch the dawn over Loch Leven. I love driving on skiddy surfaces it's like going back to a pre-Greta and Snowflake time. A time when one could enjoy life and being alive.
 I'm not a fan of dawn shots unless the snapper frames something in them. This is a minimalist dawn shot.
 I could hear the geese waiting to depart to ravage the vegans crops and got a quick snap.

We have a new horse, he's ten years old and has been re-christened Bramble. He is a bobby dazzler. He will fit in, all bar two of the current incumbents are nice to him though I had to give Talisker a warning slap, a little tinker is Talisker.

 He doesn't like the camera. He is also unfit and sweaty. Gentle exercise will sort him.
This is Darcy, he is an intelligent beast with not a malign bone in his body. He likes cameras and loves children.............He's most likely a Liberal but fair does I've not caught him at one.

I met our Conservative candidate. Seemed a great bloke but a little wishywashy. I live in a Libdem area but it is currently SNP. They, like the Marxist/Islamic labour folk are beyond despicable.
I do wonder how long it will be before we end up prosecuting someone for voter fraud. My guess is never and that's why I don't vote. I decided forty years ago it was a waste of time. it just encourages the buggers.
I may be far right but this meme I enjoyed.

 I do wonder why Corbyn has not been discreetly disposed of. Most likely because he is an idiot. The Labour party are full of them but they also have the dangerous Trotskies like Seumas Milne. Nasty bit of work he is and bright.
Not to worry Lagarde a tasty but criminal banker is the future in the EU. 
Tomorrow is another day. Carry a Narwhale Tusk or buy one before they are decreed Islamophobic.


  1. Well, Adrian, I have to say fair does. You did get two thirds of the way through a post lulling us into a false sense of security before one of your rants. Nothing if not consistent are they.

    1. Graham, I do try to educate and inform folk. I do find it an struggle. I can't conceive I'm misguided. I suspect folk close to you do well living off the money stolen from other folk. Do you admire Seamus? If you do it will be a gulag for me.... Don't snitch. I won't if you don't.

  2. prachtig om te zien hoe de paarden liefdevol verzorgd worden.

    1. Bas.
      Er wordt veel te veel tijd aan de paarden besteed. Het zijn vriendelijke dieren en ik geniet van hun gezelschap.

  3. The horses are beautiful and your rant was educational. It prompted me to look up what is a Narwhale Tusk - and now I know for future reference. Cheers.

  4. Pauline, I spelt Narwhal wrong.

  5. I keep trying to photograph the geese as they fly past but I usually have the pocket Nikon which is auto focus only. By the time it had finished hunting for a focus they have gone from view.

    1. John, this is Canon 5D MkII. f5.00, 1/160, ISO 800. White balance adjusted in PS. Aperture priority, metering evaluative/auto. Focus is rarely a problem and it is a very old camera but has had a new shutter and a few firmware upgrades.