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Tuesday, 17 August 2010

BUTTERFLIES (17/08/10)

What with one thing and another I didn’t get to post yesterday. I’ll own up the ’and another’ was a trip to the pub with my cousin.

In the morning we had a pleasant walk on the fringes of Dartmoor. And in the afternoon I stopped on my way to Exeter to visit an Otter sanctuary and Butterfly farm.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This is the Scad Brook, a pretty area but for some reason I’m short of images. So on to the Butterflies, some of these were very impressive which is more than can be said for the Otters.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA       I found this enclosure a bit on the scruffy side. However it was still good to see an Otter.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANow I can’t identify any of these as I didn’t buy the book…………It cost a small fortune to get into the place and as most of them are natives of Malaysia I thought the catalogue would be of little use for future reference.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      This has just emerged and is busy waiting for it’s wings to dry.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA There is a wonderful diversity.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    That’s all for today it’s been a long drive and the truck is in desperate need of a clean.

I’ve nothing really planned for tomorrow but will try and get out somewhere.


  1. What gets me on visiting butterfly houses is the sheer size of some of the tropical varieties along with their stunning colours. Also I seem to remember that the large ones flap and glide quite slowly.

  2. These are beautiful images of butterflies, kind of you to tell me, that I should go to our local Lepidoptera.

  3. John it's the first time I've been to one it was a bit busy so nearly impossible but yes they can glide and are impressive.

    Bob, well worth a visit, cost thick end of £8.00p but worth it. i suspect this one is at or near the bottom as regards quality but I have nothing to compare it to.

  4. Stunning pics of the butterflies. I gotto show these to my 12 year old grandchild - she started collecting them.

  5. Last butterfly house I visited, they had to remind me to go home so they could close up shop at the end of the day ;)

  6. Those butterflies are beautiful. I'm glad you added a shot of an otter; they're a favorite critter of mine.

  7. Beautiful butterflies! And very pretty brook for one with such an unassuming name. Haven't been to a butterfly house for years, remember them as being very tranquil, must find out where the nearest is to here.

  8. Really like that first shot Adrian. Very peaceful.
    And always good to see an Otter, even if his house is scruffy.
    Now the butterflies; just beautiful. Stunning colours, and really are flying jewels.

  9. jeannette, thanks. try and persuade her to collect them on a camera.

    Time to live, I know how you felt they are very beautiful.

    Jolynne, Thank you, Otters are great but it is a bit depressing seeing them in captivity.

    Pauline, it was a good couple of hours, I had never been before but will visit another as I suspect the one I went to is not the best.

    Keith, it is a beautiful area oak trees a stream a ford and Buzzards over head. Swapped lenses that got rid of them. The Otters were in an unappealing concrete tank. the water stank. not really acceptable today. I think I would prefer not seeing them in the wild.

  10. I've visited there but it must have been before my blogging days. I managed lots of butterfly photos in particular.

  11. Beautiful shots Adrian - again another place I'm very familiar with. My man, being a big fan of otters, has had a good few chats with the guys that work there (mostly volunteers) and it seems that funds are lacking at the moment so you can be sure that the otters appreciate your contribution to their dinners.

    No shots of the steam trains?

  12. oh and they breed the US otters so that they can be released back into the wild (they're hunted pretty badly over there) so the concrete walls are only temporary for some of the little guys.

  13. GB, I enjoyed the afternoon but.............

    Helen, thanks just down the road from you. Ta for the clarification. I must admit to coming away somewhat disenchanted. Thought the otter pools were converted sceptic tanks and still have suspicions. They should breed European otters as well. RN college Dartmouth still maintain a pack of beagles. I'm not against hunting, it doesn't appeal to me but hunting a creature like the otter seems ridiculous. They have a butterfly farm near Darlington I will have a look there.