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Friday, 27 August 2010


The Lambton Worm

One Sunday morn young Lambton went
A-fishing' in the Wear;
An' catched a fish upon he's heuk,
He thowt leuk't varry queer.
But whatt'n a kind of fish it was
Young Lambton cuddent tell.
He waddn't fash te carry'd hyem,
So he hoyed it doon a well.

cho: Whisht! Lads, haad yor gobs,
An Aa'll tell ye's aall an aaful story
Whisht! Lads, haad yor gobs,
An' Aa'll tell ye 'boot the worm.

Noo Lambton felt inclined te gan
An' fight i' foreign wars.
he joined a troop o' Knights that cared
For nowther woonds nor scars,
An' off he went te Palestine
Where queer things him befel,
An' varry seun forgat aboot
The queer worm i' the well.

But the worm got fat an' growed and' growed
An' growed an aaful size;
He'd greet big teeth, a greet big gob,
An' greet big goggle eyes.
An' when at neets he craaled aboot
Te pick up bits o' news,
If he felt dry upon the road,
He milked a dozen coos.

This feorful worm wad often feed
On caalves an' lambs an' sheep,
An' swally little barins alive
When they laid doon te sleep.
An' when he'd eaten aall he cud
An' he had had he's fill,
He craaled away an' lapped he's tail
Seven times roond Pensher Hill.

The news of this myest aaful worm
An' his queer gannins on
Seun crossed the seas, gat te the ears
Ov brave and' bowld Sor John.
So hyem he cam an' catched the beast
An' cut 'im in twe haalves,
An' that seun stopped he's eatin' bairns,
An' sheep an' lambs and caalves.

So noo ye knaa hoo aall the foaks
On byeth sides ov the Wear
Lost lots o' sheep an' lots o' sleep
An' leeved i' mortal feor.
So let's hev one te brave Sor John
That kept the bairns frae harm,
Saved coos an' caalves by myekin' haalves
O' the famis Lambton Worm.

Final Chorus

Noo lads, Aa'll haad me gob,
That's aall Aa knaa aboot the story
Ov Sor John's clivvor job
Wi' the aaful Lambton Worm.

Don’t worry it’s just a fable, a fable written in a foreign tongue.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    Does look fierce though. We are here for a while helping out so post material could become a little hard to find. Next week I hope to get a day at the Beamish museum. That’s supposed to be well worth a look……Hope so, it’s an expensive look.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    The hotel, originally built as a garage and filling station in the Art Deco style.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    My humble station and a sweat box. All quiet now but not for long.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    It’s almost time to start so with apologies for the quality of these pictures I will go and fire up the stove.

Will post as and when anything interesting occurs. Have a good Bank Holiday.



  1. Wonderrrful jorrrney! Fab pics! I liked that forrren tung!

  2. A strange tongue indeed Adrian. Great story though.
    Don't work to hard ;)

  3. Hope they haven't converted you into a Makkem !!
    You'd better get your card out for the Beamish fee. They try and sell the locals an yearly pass that makes it more acceptable over two visits

  4. Great song. I must remember the first line of the chorus - sounds a useful phrase.

    Hotel building looks 1930s ish by those rounded corners.

  5. I love kitchen photos!

    Sadly, I can only read bits of your text. I got the whole story - it took me a while to puzzle through it but I did it - I am a stubborn lass ;o) - but any text written after you posted the first picture is pretty must a total lost for me, for some reason?

    anyway I hope you are well; these are neat shots!

  6. Adrian and Krista - Until you mentioned it Krista I hadn't noticed the missing text after each photo. All I see in FireFox is the first few letters. Then I had a look with IE and Opera and all the text shows just fine. Strange.