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Monday, 23 August 2010



Bolton Castle, it is nowhere near the town of Bolton but then Leeds castle is at the opposite end of the country to the city of Leeds. As I said in part one no exposure blending today, no HDR I’m being good, it is a Sunday when all is said and done.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA These pictures are in the order they were shot as good an order as any.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA One of the towers, I neglected to take pen and paper…………..fine documentary writer I would be.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     My sort of place, the brewery…………not been used in a while though.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd another all good castles need plenty of towers, one has to have somewhere to pour boiling oil from.



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Whoops! The brewery again………..wonder how that crept in?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARefectory with the kitchens behind………not good swilling ale on an empty stomach. Less good pouring boiling oil on some unfortunate who has only called to save ones soul and give you a free copy of Watchtower, you need a full belly for that.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Back into the open air,  now it was a choice here of framing either this wriggley tin barn or what looked like a haulage yard. I chose the former and chopped the top off my frame……….No worries…….Life goes on.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Two towers. Taken from a third tower. What do you expect it’s a castle!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    Finally a tranquil scene from the battlements.

A really grand castle, the best I have been to and though at first it seems on the pricey side at £6.50p it’s well worth it and put into context not a lot of money these days.

I hope you can tolerate the blown highlights it’s not easy sitting in the dark with sunlight streaming in. It’s certainly not easy for me as I’ve just proved to you all.

If it stops raining I’ll have a wander down to the river later. I’ll go anyway as the dogs will need another walk.




  1. Wow, you had a busy day from start to finish. Great castle. I wonder how many modern carbuncles will still be even part standing in a few hundred years time.
    Great views of the countryside. Looks a grand area of the country to visit.
    Wot? No sign of a Wallace or a Gromit in Wensleydale ;)
    Watch out that halo doesn't strangle you lol.

  2. John, it's my sort of place. Great in summer but better in winter. The south is too soft. I need to get up in the hills and wipe snow off the lens. Why? Masochistic must be my middle name.

  3. John No the plasticine must have melted, bikini weather up to 1700'. Didn't wear mine you'll be happy to know.

  4. What a fine castle that is. They knew how to build in them days!
    Love the shots inside the towers; and of course, the brewery. I do wonder, when wandering around such places, just how life was back then.

  5. LMAO Adrian... the watchtower... haha... you crack me up!

    I love the castle photos, every single one! I really love how the plants are 'taking back' the castle and growing up all the walls. Really cool! It's like you took us back in time - so thanks! :o)

  6. Keith I would imagine it was pretty grim. Though when Mary Queen of Scot's stayed she had fifty attendants. So not bad for some.

    Krista, glad you enjoyed a look round.

  7. I'm just catching up on your posts and these photos are really beautiful. I'm envying the scenery.

  8. Jolynne it is a wonderful part of the country.

  9. Bolton and Leeds.... good one. I like how you managed to deal with the light on the interior shots. Lastly, i can't believe how many times I have been so close to this building and yet so far away. Led a walk on a june post 'walk 2:- Leyburn Shawl" & despite passing Bolton hall, didn't even see the castle in the distance. Yet another place to add to my 'to see' list from your inspirations, thanks

  10. Wow Adrian what a fantastic castle I can't believe we've never been. We shall go the next time we're up. Glad to see your travels are keeping you busy and that you see the lovely ladies too. Take care Jo

  11. What a fabulous unadulterated castle! So much history, imagine the stories that place could tell. Love the towers and the granary.

  12. J on Tour, It's well worth a visit. I like the fact that there are so few instructions. Don't climb the walls, wet stone can be slippery, mind your head, Jumping from the battlements can be dangerous. The NT could learn from this place.

    Jo It's a magnificent place. and more than a weeks worth of entertainment within a few miles. I didn't actually see the ladies they had their kit on. A lady with kit on is much like a bottle with the top on.

    Pauline, it is wonderful and we saw it in the best light a beautiful day.

    Sebi, thank you.

  13. Gorgeous - those tower shots are so imposing. Love the dining table and the brewery as well.

  14. Gwen I could spend a day here preferably on my own. It needs flash and plenty of it.

  15. Sir Ian Bolton was a distant relative of mine... he lived near Stirling in 'West Plean' - which I understand is now a hotel.

  16. Wonderful. It's now on my list! A must.

  17. GB, I'm catching up but I went round here sans tripod and in company. Didn't want the escort to think me a boring old fart. So ISO through the roof and burn out which I dislike. Go it's the best castle and area. So much to see and do.