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Thursday, 5 August 2010


Following on from the previous post today I decided to reprocess a couple of images. Fortified by a bowl of Wheetbix and fruit……………Accompanied by a large sausage sandwich.  The latter in the interests of a balanced diet. I decided that I will not have a failure or if I do then at least I have done my best to mitigate it.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The original as you saw it………………………………………………note not the real original, fit only for the skip was that.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Processed again and the foreground is much better. Still not great but it is near impossible to nail jellies to ceilings.

The next is one I thought had potential now I’m not too sure.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Given a bit of a shove. I did think a crop might help but decided I liked the dark side left in. Or if you prefer, the right side left in. A touch of pink added to the sky and a bit of a burn on the bright leaves.

I’ve taken up enough of your time…………….Mine as well. I have a water problem. Well the camper has, a duff pressure switch I suspect. If the small hammer doesn’t solve it I’ll hit it with a bigger one. Should it turn out to be the accumulator then expect floods of tears. Not only is it a major job to access it but they are expensive.

Enjoy your afternoon and evening.


  1. Wheetbix and fruit: had me wondering there for a moment......then you threw in the sausage sarnie, and all's well again.

    Now, the pictures. I still prefer the first, of the first pair. I think the darker trees help pull the eye into the castle more.

    The second of the second pair, is the one I prefer here.
    Yea, my choices seem totally at odds with each other I guess. lol
    My frazzled brain I reckon :)
    Have a great evening Adrian.

  2. Keith, the problem with the first picture was grey and fringing in the river.easy to darken the trees back and I think you are right. When printing I work then leave for a couple of days then get an editor in. Editors can't take pictures but they can see. Always difficult with your own work.

  3. The pictures are genius, well done Adrian.

  4. I go with Keith on the first one because I think the lighter/bluer trees detract from the castle and the river which, for me, are the real subjects of this photo.

    I go with the second of the second pair too because I think the subject is not just the distance but all that is framed by the dark trees. The lighter trees draw the eye towards the spire and sky rather than away from them.

  5. I prefer the first image of the first pair - to me it is more natural.

  6. Am I the only one who will prefer the 2nd of the first pair. The lighter sky draws the eyes up to the castle. With the fringing on the reflection it could possibly benefit from some ripples.

  7. Bob, kind of you to say so. Not genius though.

    Gb, It's a salvage job and I've had another go incorporating all your comments I hope.

    Jackal, thank you for your comment. if it looks natural it's a miracle as it has had the sky swapped and a major seeing to.

    John, I did think of ripples there is a ripple filter in PS Elements.