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Sunday, 8 August 2010


Today has been nothing if not eventful. it started normally enough….For a sixty year old driven out of bed in the dark by water problems. Having done the necessary I could not get the toilet to flush………Well blow me down……..Hit me with a feather…..Words to that effect! Delved into the nearest junction box……Fatal for me to do anything without a shot of caffeine and so it proved. Next we have a conflagration under the bathroom sink. Still no coffee but burning insulation seems to be equally efficacious. The job is not sorted, jury rigged (as we sailors say),* suspect that what I saved on the MOT will be spent in a couple of weeks.  C’est la vie!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA view down the upper Tees valley……………This is my favourite of the day….symmetry maybe, peace maybe. I’ve never said this; it is four months away and I know it’s next Christmas’s E-card. Boosted a touch. Wouldn’t be personal otherwise. Perhaps invert and swap the right hand clouds for the left. God created the world as an image of himself. Himself was perfect…Not quite……Nah! Leave it as it is.

Waterfalls are what we came for. A pleasant and filling lunch at the Fox and Hounds Cothershaw was followed by flowing water. The inconvenience we suffered yesterday was obviously nothing to the deluge in the hills. High Force was good, no brilliant, the light mediocre for waterfall capture

.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This is unadulterated and so is this………………………..

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The first step on it’s seventy foot plunge.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The second step, really on the limits of exposure here………..OK. Well over the limits. We purists love the world as the camera sees it. Don’t we just!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe river doesn’t know we have come to see and admire, on it goes.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA It even has the presence of mind to leave the occasional still pool behind.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      The upper upper Tees before the falls. A layer of hard volcanic Whinstone seems to overlay Limestone here, the limestone is water soluble the Whinstone is…………..Well…..Hard as rock. Hence the impressive vertical fall. Over time the falls will move upstream creating a superb gorge. Don’t give up the fags and drink………A million or so years from now.

P8085608_7_6_5_4_tonemapped_edited-1  Here we go have to hedge my bets……….The High force Falls in all it’s HDR glory. All right  a bit over the top but I had been to lunch in wonderful company.

P8085598_7_6_5_4_tonemapped_edited-1 Sorry just can’t help myself. HDR again…………….Well worth a visit, I will be back, after monsoon conditions there are supposedly twin falls. WOW WEE!! Saturated, dogs , camera and Adrian.

Have a profitable or productive week but most of all enjoy it.

* How's that for appalling grammar. Appalling colour to match.




  1. Thanks Bob...The boy done good today. Brilliant in comparison with the last few days,

  2. Excellent post Adrian. You've really captured the flow of the water.
    That first shot really shows the power of the falls.
    The shot of the upper Tees before the falls, is a cracker too.
    Last HDR gets a thumbs up as well.
    Great post.

  3. Keith ta, not an easy life being in charge of a camera and a blog but I'm happy with today.

  4. I always find waterfalls awe inspiring,the thundering noise of the water,frightening,yet wonderful at the same time.Your pictures are great and capture my thoughts perfectly.
    PS love the commentary,hope your own waterworks are sorted now.!!!

  5. OK, I'm creeping back into hiding now.

    Love the water tumbling over rocks above the falls. Just can't get into HDR although the last one does look great.

    The first photo is just glorious!

  6. Matron, they are awe inspiring. This one is well worth another visit when hopefully an hour or two will be available.

    Pauline, don't hide nothing wrong with your waterfall, it's just smaller.
    I love the first picture.

  7. Great shots once again Adrian, you did well to get near to the action on some of these.

  8. J-O-T, Thank you did well not to fall in. I do have zoom 12mm-60mm is my normal lens which equates to 24mm-120mm on a full frame camera.

  9. That fist landscape is beautiful, and the waterfalls impressive!

  10. The photo of the second step really gives the impression of the power of the waterfall. Bet it was just a tad noisy.

  11. John noisy it was, I am not bothered about heights but hate looking down through a camera fair turns my stomach and makes my toes tingle.

  12. You must feel a bit like Crocodile Dundee pulling out the machette and saying 'Now that's a knife!'

  13. GB , leaning over the edge I thought I may emulate Crocodile Dundee or possibly Indiana Jones. It's odd that I have no fear of heights but become quite vertiginous when looking through a view finder. Now if I go to sea cliffs I wear a harness and clip on. Don't want to damage a camera!!