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Sunday, 15 August 2010

WORN TO A FRAZZLE (15/08/10)

Was up this morning and stumbling about country lanes in the dark. I know, I know, even the dogs thought I had taken leave of any remaining sense I had. They deigned to come along, admittedly in an obviously reluctant and desultory manner.

The object of the exercise was painting with light. I’ve seen examples of this and have been impressed. I was not impressed with my first efforts, it is very hit and miss but given time I suspect one would develop a feel for it.


Untitled-1Just to add some interest I created  mirror images. Come on we all post rubbish, I didn’t know at that time in the morning I was on a roll. There are possibilities here I just need a little more practise…More than likely a practice…not going there I’d never get out. Not till I got home did I think to walk in front of the camera with my lamp. It can’t see me….Can it?.. I see Avatar possibilities…Avatar---The manifestation of the divine. Not Avatar as in the wee thumbnail one pastes up on the web. Look it up!

We came back and all had breakfast before I set off for the Steam Rally. I hadn’t been there ten minutes before the phone rang…Bless My Soul! Knock me down with a grape!  The caller informed me that I was required in Dartmouth to do some boat sorting. I managed a couple of quick shots and off I toddled like the good little soldier I am.

  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA A Wallis and Stevens 6HP general purpose engine built in1930. First one of these I’ve seen.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Earning it’s living this weekend converting trees into planks. Bad piccy, was in a hurry! You get what I get.

P8155777-copy-1_-copy__tonemapped_edited-1     Another 6HP engine this time a Burrell and built in 1904. This is not HDR, though it is appalling enough to be so. It’s exposure blended from a single RAW image.

I got home sometime at the back of two from my nautical duties, had a quick cheese sandwich and walked all of fifty yards to the Puppy Show. Now for a puppy show you need a hunt in this case The Dart Vale & South Pool Harriers.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    You require hounds………………………………..

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA A Master of Hounds………………………..



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd a good audience, half of whom are wondering who chose that idiot to discriminate when he patently doesn’t know a dog from a hound. Finally it is handy if you have some puppies………………………..

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The show off, rather than the show hound………..

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA All much the same, having a whale of a time. These are lemon coloured, what the tan patches are called I will have to enquire…….I’d be amazed were it brown splodges. Come to think I’d have remembered that. Much as I would Lemon with cow muck bits.

Finally and far too soon it’s over……………..not quite………………..

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA There are light refreshments, the table was groaning and being replenished as fast as it was depleted….what catering is all about and none bought in. Many thanks to the ladies and gentlemen of South Devon for an excellent………was going to say tea……Nay Banquet. Thank you all.

Now I have over a hundred useable images from this afternoon, the light was perfect for white coats, white walls, white dogs…………arghh! get the soap out…Lemon Hounds!.. Please Lord forgive me…Forgot again, tis your day off. But I’ll leave you with these……………..


Two beautiful people summing up a beautiful day.

Big post today for a big day. I hope you had a good weekend and wish you all the best for the week ahead.



  1. Just two lessons to learn from today then:
    1. If at first you don't succeed .......
    2. Turn the phone off when you're having fun.

    Is it the fashion, I wonder, to wear a bowler which looks two sizes smaller than the head it tops or a floppy hat two sizes bigger ;)

    I always enjoy watching traction engines at work. Those 'portable' saw benches are quite something.

  2. I love the traction engines, good photographs.

  3. John, I really enjoyed the show. Everyone made such an effort. Unfortunately I was not one of them. A bit of a time warp, I think the same thing has been happening for centuries.

    Bob these were the only two there but I will have to visit a big rally.

  4. Great post as always Adrian.
    Now I really like the first two; have an air of mystery about them.
    And that steam engine, the exposure blended, is worthy of any ones wall. I love that effect.

  5. I see you've made it down to Devon OK, but I was wondering what the devil those first eerie looking photos were! 'Stumbling around in the country lanes' in the early hours kind of explains them. Were you wearing a miner's type lamp? That was my first thought until I googled 'painting with light'. If you were using a tripod, you probably held a flashlight. Anyway, I can see that it was a fun experiment, especially mirroring the images. Yay! Steam traction engines ~ one of my favorite machines. I thought your photos of them were good. Interesting characterful faces (and hats) at the puppy show. The feast looks amazing! Looks like a great day with lots accomplished.

  6. Keith Thanks, A busy day.

    Glo, I will have another go with the torch, I suspect there could be some interesting results.

  7. What a fun post! Those dog show photos look like something straight out of James Herriot.

  8. Jolynne, yes it had the feel of a time warped afternoon. Most enjoyable though.

  9. I painted with light many many years ago (in the days of black and white) using sparklers to illuminate things from various angles - including behind. I wonder if I can find them!

  10. By the way (by Beachcomber, remember?) I loved the penultimate pic.

  11. Gb yes the painting with light is fun, I use ed one of those giant rechargeable hand lamps.
    I don't really remember Beachcomber. Not an Express reader. Jimmy is his name and he is my favourite of the day. Having said that the ultimate image has something going for it.....I just wish I were young enough to remember what it is!