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Monday, 23 August 2010


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Now this is a grand little town in Upper  Wensleydale. Today it was full, jam packed, snided out, like being at a football match. Having caught glimpses of football on television much busier than most football matches. The supporters must have swapped the terraces for quaint market towns.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  The Ol’ Main Drag, to paraphrase Shane McGowan.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA There are an abundance of courtyards most full of wheelie bins, I missed one here. The damn things are difficult to miss, I would almost prefer the rubbish chucked on the street, it would keep visitors away and offer a little bit more by way of variety. Rereading this I see I am also guilty of tourism. Dilemma solved, I’m the exception.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Here is another, this one hiding a mobility scooter, at least it was parked and not on a kamikaze mission down the pavement.

 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA At last tranquillity, the path to the Parish church………………………………….

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA St, Margaret’s Hawes, I will put this on the list as there lies within a rather fine window depicting the Good Shepherd and various local scenes. Today matins was in full swing so no chance.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Hawes boasts many attractive little corners and I will go back.

Now it was time for lunch an unusual repast for me on two counts. Firstly I was accompanied by not one but two beautiful ladies and secondly we went to a tea room and had a ploughman's lunch and a cup of coffee. I had coffee, they had a rather nauseating concoction of hot chocolate with what looked like bird droppings floating on top. I am going to have a serious reappraisal of my lunching out habits…….twice this has happened. What is wrong with the pub, a swift half gallon, a bag of crisps and,if available, a pickled egg?

That’s part two. Not brilliant but enough to wet my appetite for a return visit………….In winter!


  1. Enjoyed that little tour Adrian. Busy for such a small looking place.

    Two ladies for lunch? Blimey, That's just plain greedy; I can't get one at the moment ;)

  2. Keith, thanks I was not into full flow. Busy you should see it more petrol heads and bikers than one could shake a stick at.
    As for the Ladies well gorgeous but I still had to buy my own lunch, pretty as a picture that I am.

  3. I haven't tasted a pickled egg for years, I must try them again.

  4. You dawg you. Lunch with not one but TWO lovely ladies. You've got me beat today by... well, two lovely ladies. LOL!

    Holy crap, that is alot of people. I think I might visit that place in the OFF season. lol. The green pathway to the church looks like it has just enough people for me.

    You might find me in the courtyard with the wheelie bins... avoiding the crowds. lol

  5. Bob, neither have I but I will have to now.

    Krista, lunching with ladies is fine but no slurping or burping....rather takes the edge of ones meal.

    Yes far too busy for me, it would be grand in winter early morning.

  6. I love Hawes. Like your courtyard and church path shots...... no doubt well away from the Wallace and Grommit bus trips !!

  7. J on Tour, yes I'll be back there in winter there is the river as well which could look good with water in it.

  8. Ploughman's are what I miss MOST about England. I argued with my husband for years that a big hunk of cheese plus some bread is a perfectly respectable and reasonable lunch, so it was delightful to arrive in England and be proven correct.

  9. Gwen they are not the same with coffee though. They do need beer and so do I.