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Wednesday, 25 August 2010




This is not a unique venue for either the dogs, me or the camper, it’s a pub car park. What is unusual is I’m situated in an area that central government would prefer didn’t exist. For one you have to learn a new language. Not something most MP’s have the equipment to do that’s why they have civil servants. For two it is deprived of opportunity when compared to areas south of Watford Gap. It is despite or because of this wonderful. People make a place and you couldn’t wish for better humankind than found round here.

Woke this morning and had a wander down a disused railway line. we came across a bench constructed from old railway sleepers. Had I been given this commission I would have used two they used the thick end of twenty.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I parked up and admired the view…………………

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATwo bushes and a co-op chilled food distribution depot. It’s massive, it’s impressive and probably warrants a seat of equal proportion to appreciate it. Ya kidding man!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  A row of suburban houses…..Look again on the skyline you will see the Angel Of The North otherwise known as the Gateshead Flasher. No mac but arms akimbo ready for one as and when finance is available.

I have seen this before but post cash and carry run and anti evening meals we had a drive up to see her in person. The dogs were not impressed, Alfie considered it a large lamp post and Molly, cultural ignoramus that she is was more interested in chatting to a German Shepherd. It’s been photographed to bits, well I had my twopenneth. Come, have a go it’s well worth a look, close up or far away …it’s free………………I love it………….Just wish it had a mac.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Ye canna fit it in man it’s humongous. She is seventy feet tall and……………………


ninety feet wide……………She also has…………………..

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   A gorgeous turn on her calves and a very pretty bum. difficult to achieve if you weigh two hundred tons.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Never ever shoot into the sun, this one works for me. Many thanks to Anthony Gormley for his sculpture and the lottery fund for financing it. She is perfect and magnificent.

See you all as and when time allows. Be good. be careful and laugh.




  1. I've only ever seen her from a distance, as I passed by on the A1. It certainly is an impressive looking object. Much better than our concrete cows, that's for sure ;)

  2. I saw the Angel some time ago and though how rusty it looked - perhaps a coat of paint would improve it - a rainbow Angel perhaps - all the colours possible...

    For winter bright luminous orange ??

  3. I shall always look upon that figure, and marvel at how it was made. Pure genius.

  4. Thanks for making me smile on a Thursday morning. We don't have anything like your angel over here. Maybe that's a good thing?

  5. Hi Adrian, Despite the lack of relevant appendages, I seem to recollect that the Angel of the North is male .... didn't Anthony Gormley base it on a cast of his own body? Whatever it's gender, it's become an icon - whenever I pass, at almost any time of the day or night, there's someone there admiring it or having their picture taken in front of it, with their arms outstretched. Soon after it was built a bunch of Newcastle fans managed to put a Magpies' shirt on it - see http://www.journallive.co.uk/north-east-news/todays-news/2009/12/19/dedicated-fans-put-their-shirt-on-united-campaign-61634-25426626/2/

  6. You shock me at how close you were as you could have popped in for a cup of tea !!
    The Angel was originally meant to be sexless and was once covered in a black and white Alan Shearer shirt for less than half an hour before the authorities intervened..... Gormley has a monopoly on the site even down to the preservation life of the object, official souvenirs are banned & they've just agreed after 12 years to look into public toilets for the site !!

  7. Keith I was impressed, it is superb.

    Petrus the rust is it's attraction for me, it is built from Corten, same as posh ships and will rot away slowly.

    Bob, I had seen it from the A1, an hour in it's company and I'm converted it is a smasher.

    JoLynne, you should have a dozen follies are grand.

    Phil, sex apart It has a fine figure, were it male it would be the Cherub of the North. Seen the Shearer shirt clip wonderful and what public art should be.......enjoyed!

    J on Tour, am cooking at the Worm. you are not a fan...it's what art is about. Pushes one into a decision. At the very least it brings in tourists. Don't want toilets with the flasher of all flashers overlooking them. Pop down to Chester if you fancy a beer.

  8. Wow, what great shots! And I extra like the shot into the sun one. Rules schmoolz.

  9. I'd love to come but just driven up to Crianlarich yesterday .....weather doesn't look great though.
    However I'll let you into a little secret !!! It's Grassington and Farne Islands next........I've been rumbled due to the 8 posts from 5 days from the Lakes that took two weeks to edit and post, I'm well out of real time, I'm finding it difficult at times to condense the post to about 10 appropriate photographs. I haven't forgotten about the Barnard Castle pictures you wanted to see as well.

  10. Gwen, Not great but better than I thought I'd get. Thanks.

  11. I am a fan.... I have to be !!
    I didn't like the length of the wings when it was first put up, but it grew on me. I think it would look stupid now if they were any shorter. I've always liked the rib style design. Opinion was divided at first amongst Gateshead residents but I think most local people have warmed to the idea.

  12. Adrian; these are really great shots. I know what you mean about not shooting into the sun but WOW did that ever work out for you that time!

    A cute bum indeed. I'll have to ask for her secrets. LOL!

  13. And whats it for, can understand if its to generate lecy or have some use other than for folks to look at,

    maybe its an ingenious mobile phone mast. or a beacon for ET to comunicate with us. can also understand Nelsons column. thats a big pigeon roost and toilet.
    ah well egypt has its pyramids I suppose.
    and look how many times the have been photographed.

  14. Well that's what comes of reading from the end inwards. I've never seen such detailed close up pics of the Angel. I'm bowled over. I love it.

  15. GB, according to the artist it asexual noway...he couldn't sculpt tits. Cheruange/angcher. NO! The Angel. She is drop dead gorgeous close up. Stop it's free but have a wee first no bogs and busy.