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Wednesday, 21 July 2010

A NEW TOY (21/07/10)

Today the van went for a full service, it didn’t get one as it is too big for the lift but hopefully got most of it’s bits sorted, new lubricant and the various other fluids replaced and replenished. Tomorrow is MOT day, good job I’m not prone to panic.

Whilst it was at the garage we went for a walk along the river Tees a good fifteen miles upstream from our present location. A grand walk it was celebrated by an ice cream and coffee. Not my first choice of refreshment but it could become so, t’was excellent. I recall an old joke.

What's that lovely shiny stainless steel container?  

Shopkeeper  ‘It’s a vacuum flask’

What’s it do?

Shopkeeper. ‘It keeps things either hot or cold.’

Great! I’ll have one.

Next day as I’m leaving home the wife says.’what’s that?’

It’s a vacuum flask it keeps things either hot or cold.

‘What have you put in it?’

A choc ice and a cup of coffee!!!                                                                         

There are a dearth of pictures today as little wild life about and having left the tripod and filters behind at home couldn’t take advantage of a fast flowing river Tees.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     A field of Linseed just starting to flower, would be worth returning in a week when it ought to be at it’s best.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The River Tees in spate, we had torrential rain of tropical proportions yesterday afternoon followed by several heavy thunder storms during the night. We need the water but as always weather comes in lumps.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This is the best of today but the piece de resistance has to be this…………………………………………………

 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA       No not some deviant sexual toy…………………..Looking again…It may have possibilities.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA       I think the box lid fully describes it’s attributes in that regard without further elaboration.

It’s a Dyson hand held vacuum cleaner. I saw one a year ago in Tesco for a hundred pounds, thought. ‘They must think I came with the first fall of snow.’ Having bought a cheap one that wouldn’t suck the skin off a rice pudding, today I threw caution to the winds and bought the proper job. Now the cost is one hundred and twenty pounds. Guaranteed for two years not to rust, bust, pick up dust, buckle or bend. Though I hope it does the third or I’m back to Comet quick sticks.

Tomorrow we’ll get out properly as the MOT only takes an hour, looking at my certificate it ought to have taken an hour a couple of days ago……What’s two days to our friendly constabulary…..Hope I don’t find out!


  1. Hi Adrian, If you go back to the linseed field get there fairly early in the morning for maximum blue - the petals tend to close/drop off from early afternoon onwards.

  2. Ta for that Phil, domestic suction devises were more on my mind but lavender and flax do brighten the landscape.

  3. Good luck with the dreaded test Adrian.
    Glad you explained what that machine was, I though for a minute that........nah, never mind.
    The field of blue will make a cracking shot.

    Oh, and the joke.....hmmmmm lol

  4. Fantastic pictures as ever,and the very funny quote, Adrian.

  5. Good sucking with your suckey machine!

  6. Keith, thanks the linseed could well compete with the shots of French lavender.

    Bob glad it amused you.

    GB, it really does work, wouldn't go so far as to say the truck is spotless but I had a good suck around.

  7. At first glance I though your new toy was an alligator and I wondered what you were going to chop down.

  8. John posh thing isn't it. I'm very pleased with my investment so far.