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Tuesday 23 February 2016

THE BIRDS. (23/02/16)

I recognise that the coming referendum is a very serious business for folk years younger than me but I very much doubt I will be alive to be affected. It will take the dozy beggars years, probably decades to unravel our commitments…….Reminds me I must read ‘The Commitments’  again………….It is already bringing out the best and worst in our nation.  Here are the first few comments from a post on GUIDO FAWKES. I am not the only one that thinks it is a farce worthy of the accolade entertainment. These comments were just grabbed in order not selected on the basis of religion, class or nationality.

sandy winder • 16 hours ago
Chicken Little Dave says EU exit is a leap into the dark. So how many who stayed on the Titanic actually survived, Dave? Do we really want to stay and be dragged under in this sinking ship?

Bill Quango MP  sandy winder • 15 hours ago
A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away........
We never used to give a shit about taking a risk.

NorthAngry  Bill Quango MP • 15 hours ago
Leaping out of a landing-craft into the sea during Operation Overlord wasn't exactly risk-free was it?

Bill Quango MP  NorthAngry • 15 hours ago
Don't mention ze war.
It upsets the Germans, through guilt.
And the French, through shame.

James Bolivar DiGriz  Bill Quango MP • 15 hours ago
No, the French have no shame. They liberated France all on their own with no help of any sort from anyone else. At least that is what a Frenchman told me!

Grumpy  James Bolivar DiGriz • 15 hours ago
What about the bloody ungrateful Poles, Belgians and Greeks--at least the Norwegians send us a Christmas tree every year.

James Bolivar DiGriz  Grumpy • 15 hours ago
And we didn't even liberate Norway, we just waited for the end of the war and the Germans surrendered!

Immigrant from order order  James Bolivar DiGriz • 14 hours ago
And the Faithful Poles were abandoned to Common Purpose .

Bill Quango MP  Grumpy • 14 hours ago
The Poles we can forgive. We never liberated them.

Cassandrina  Grumpy • 12 hours ago
The Poles helped us fight WW2 don't forget.

Grumpy  Cassandrina • 11 hours ago
Sucked us into it two years early too.

Grumpy  sandy winder • 16 hours ago
If EU regulations hadn't insisted on those dim light-bulbs, it would be a leap into the light.

It seems years since there was anything in the world to laugh about. I still have to catch up with Call me Dave’s rant about  Boris’s conduct. I did hear he got quite personal and invoked Boris’s marital troubles. I thought that a bit rich coming from a bloke who enjoys unmentionable practices with dead pigs. The mind set of Public School boys is something of a mystery.

Here is a bit of video, at long last I have got to the end of an edit using Blender. Now all I have to do is keep editing away until I become proficient. The thing I really like about it is it’s flexibility, the ability to create a proxy file to show in the view window allows editing in real time and the fact that sound stays in sync. Transitions are hard but much easier since I noticed that frame numbers are displayed whilst editing them. Fade ins and outs are intuitive it’s as simple as key framing opacity. I will keep plugging away and next time attempt some complicated audio.
 This would have been more accurately titled Moll and Alf Birding but I'd already got the title before I went out to shoot the video. The music credit is a new feature called text over, it needs a few more features but maybe on the next release. Blender usually has new stuff every twelve weeks or so. The downside is that they move things about so it's a bit of a treasure hunt for a day.
I have yet to decide which way to vote but suspect personality will play a small part. 


  1. I love the video. The music you chose was perfect. Well done.

    I appreciate your comments about the EU issue and the comments of others that you posted. It is so much better than hearing a journalist's view on the issue. I wonder how this will end?

    1. Marie, I'll have to look out some more music tracks but most of the free ones are rubbish.
      The referendum will just end but not before we are all heartily sick of hearing the bluster and bombast.

  2. A Tory MP (REESE MOGG I BELIEVE) said he despised the employment laws and rights that have burden British business for years and would reverse such legislation....ignored and brushed under the carpet by the media that one remark made my mind up alone.
    Does it not stroke anyone that it's the Tories that want 'power' and 'sovereignty' back in the hands of the ruling elite, cheeky Europeans knikcking their inherited privilege

    1. I had noticed they were wheeling out the has beens. Clarke and Heseltine will no doubt have their twopenneth in the near future.

  3. in ..out shake it all about, i will be glad when it all over. Great to see the dogs on film and so well behaved with the hens too.


    1. Peter, they are little devils with pheasants but know not to annoy domestic animals and birds.

  4. I never miss my daily dose of Guido.

  5. Delightful--- Nicely shot, Adrian.

    1. Thanks Bill, I like the new video editor. I just need a bit more time with it.

  6. I can't even begin to contemplate how the whole affair is going to play out and being at the bottom of the world at the moment where far more important matters like The Flag are being debated I am scared to think about what awaits my return.

    As for the video I enjoyed the start but I am totally dumbfounded by the fact that I have Scottish fiddle music superinmposed on your voice talking about bumblebees. C'etait tres bizarre Adrian. (PS I can't get Firefox to do accents at the moment).

    1. Graham, there are no bees and I don't talk on this video. I've just checked.

    2. No there aren't any bees Adrian but when I played it on Firefox another video or whatever must have been activated somewhere because all I also got you talking about bumblebees. I haven't been able to replicate it though so either my computer or I had too much wine.

    3. I had browser bother this morning but that was down to Yahoo or a hacker messing with Chrome.

  7. A better title for the video might be "Chickenworld" - or are you saving that title for a film about The European Union Referendum starring David Cameron as The Bantam and perhaps Jeremy Corbyn as Rhode Island Red?

    1. YP, normal service will be resumed as soon as I have the new editor working quickly. At the moment I have to concentrate so hard on the mechanics that I even spelt Moll as Mpll and never noticed till I was justifying and kerning the text.
      This referendum is becoming farcical. I hear on this mornings news that civil servants can work for the in campaign but not visa versa.
      Glad one reader can tell chickens from bees.

  8. I can't really comment on the EU kerfuffle as we don't hear about anything but Donald Trump any more. But I absolutely love, love, love the video and soundtrack. I believe a better title might be Moll and Alf Meet Gladys and Edna and Myrtle and Maud. And how did you ever manage to get Myrtle and Maud to execute an actual do-si-do near the end of the film? Brilliant! I would nominate you for an Academy Aeard but you aren't black.

    1. Bob, thank you. I am told the art of video editing is throwing a good 75% away and I try and follow this advice. Some is easy the blurry bits, the shaky bits and the ones that are badly exposed. Then it gets hard but I am starting to learn to use markers and soft cuts. One day I will only save the good bits but I have to be honest and admit to it being a lottery at the moment.