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Saturday, 8 October 2016

I’M BACK. (07/10/16)

I’ll start by thanking people for their concern. How a couple of you managed to track me down I don’t know but it was very kind and good to hear from you over the telephone.

I have been without internet for weeks and it is still not reliable, I must admit I haven’t really missed it. I use Blogger as a sounding board for what works and what doesn’t…I rarely found that my audience agreed with me, I never post an unedited image. I do post an awful lot of crap but the worst of it is when I’m learning new things like,…..Multi-track video editing, multi-track sound editing, 3D animations of doors, birds, flags and rivers. In Photoshop I still struggle after the best part of ten years trying to decide how much editing to do in ACR and what to do in Photoshop itself. It’s not easy living life thick….Slipped up again….Please substitute Special Needs where I typed thick.

I have not been idle. I have been playing with machines, taking lots of video, hundreds of pictures, messing with sound sync, made a new  microphone mount, cleaned the concave on a combine, done loads and loads of jobs and went on trips to Cupar to work out why the discharge auger got stuck when swivelled out on the combine and again to retrieve a scrap net spiral for the baler. All was sorted; however life is not one long series of successes. I selected reverse on the Mule in error, destroyed the fence I backed into and broke a drive shaft. A minorish problem. Several really naughty words, a few hours work and all is back to normal. I should know to engage my brain before engaging gears on a machine.

The dogs are good and looking pristine after a haircut. The harvest is in and winter barley sown. It has been a good year so far but it is getting cooler. The geese are returning from wherever they have been. These will be Pink Footed or Feeted Geese as they live down the road on Loch Leven for the winter._MG_7209

The following images are from a Working Horse Show.




The observant will see that this is shot on large format film. You can see the little notches that tell you which way up the film is when one is fiddling about in the dark. I think they should be the other way round but happen I used the camera upside down.


These have all degraded a bit with having to sit on my hard drive for so long…….

The truth is I got bored; so desperate was I for something to do that I even changed the frame numbers on the film mount. Shame I forgot to make a note of the point size but that is me. I love playing but do need to concentrate more on the minutiae.

THRESHING………..Almost straight out of camera.


Here are a few pictures of the Clydesdale horses working a Binder.



A snap of a couple of the pigs. The Boar and a Mate.   


Pigs ought not be eaten as they are lovely, gentle, intelligent creatures. I love bacon, sausage, roast shoulder, crackling, black pudding, ham, gammon, trotters, scratchings, chops, chitterlings and brawn……Where do they all come from? Not a pig I hope.  Pigs ears do obviously but the dogs can do without them from now on. I am pondering on what a Pork looks like?

Have fun I’m not sure when I will get to post this or when full service will be resumed. I’ll just have to wait and see.


  1. I am glad you are OK. Welcome back. See you when you get service again.

  2. I thought you had run off with some young filly or taken up the new England manager,s job, but i for one am pleased to hear from you again.


  3. The post is wonderful vintage Adrian. Glad you're back.

  4. Good to know you're ok, and good job on those photos as well.

  5. yes we missed you from 14 August ut finally found out where you were!!! Welcome back. Great shots

  6. Oh.... were you gone? Delighted you're back among the web-addicted. Excellent!

  7. Great to see you back, Adrian. You've shown us some super images of the horse show - delightful reminders of some of the equipment we used to see. Pigs are great aren't they - it's not their fault that they're so tasty!

    Best wishes - - - Richard

  8. Great to have you back on the air waves again Adrian - your blog was missed by all.

  9. It is so wonderful to have you back Adrian. You have been missed.

  10. Oh!..you're back?..that's buggered it! you've thrown me into a bit of a quandary now, I was just starting to re-arrange my early morning blog reading to fill in the, almost 2 minutes, gap left by your missing posts...2 minutes is a big deal when you live life on a busy schedule!...think I'll have to have another cup of coffee and ponder what to do, but don't worry, I'm sure I'll be able to fit you in somewhere?...So, it's welcome back, I guess?...[;o)

  11. Great to see you back in fine fettle Adrian. I must get back to visiting some of the local 'exhibitions' of vintage agricultural machinery.

  12. Welcome back with a comprehensive post.

  13. Welcome back, Adrian! Like many others, I've missed your posts, but we were told that you were all right. I love those horses. Just beautiful.

  14. Glad you're back Adrian. I'm not so sure I could cope without the Internet though. Great set of horse images too.

  15. Wonderful images... and nice to hear your OK

  16. Good to see you back, Adrian. And, thankfully, still in good form!

  17. Coming from a traveller's family, friend Adrian ... we did not really care where our protein came from ... stolen beans from a field, stolen chicken or road kill scraped off the street ... o well, surviving to this day ... anyway, glad to have you back ... Love, cat.

  18. I'm also glad to see you back again Adrian. I was starting ti get worried actually. Missed your photos. Good to see your new work!

  19. It was like a dam bursting - all that reservoir of material. I am glad to hear you are well and as busy as ever. I tracked you down to "The Clink" and discovered they have a camping ground. I believe that one reviewer referred to you sorting them out when the owners were away. Take that Sherlock!

  20. hi Adrian, how are you? love your return of geese. Cheers!

  21. So glad to see you back. And a great post!

  22. Merry Christmas ! Greetings from Romania! :)
    How are you?