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Saturday 5 June 2010

A BAD LENS DAY (05/06/10)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                                               When I have to open a post with a shot of a pile of concrete railway sleepers, second hand sleepers at that, then I know I am having a bad day. I’ve not enough hair left to warrant a good…… or bad hair day, so will blame the lens.

We went out around six this morning with my jobbing lens a 12mm-60mm, which I use most, and a macro set up. Then after breakfast I mounted a longish 200mm lens with an extension tube on the tripod and the camera onto that lot. I’d noticed several different Hover Flies around so intended to get some amazing pictures. A quote from John Lennon sums up the situation……………

”Yesterday I played football and almost scored an amazing goal”

I’ve used this quotation before but it sums life up pretty neatly so I will probably use it again.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   It’s unusual for peeling paint and rusty iron not to yield a better image than this especially on something the size of a combined harvester. A New Holland model 8050 for any Combine spotters out there.

 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This old cast iron bath is the oldest bit of iron around and is ending it’s days as a water trough. I should have used it this morning. I cleaned the water tank on the van, now I know it smacks of false economy  but rather than pay a small fortune for the recommended solution I find a cap full of bleach or so does the job. I forgot I was leaving it to do it’s business this morning. I had a shower and now smell like the municipal swimming pool. At least I’m clean, very clean I’m a couple of square metres of skin short.

Back to the insect hunt.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA        This must be a Green Bottle though I can find no reference to such a beast in my book.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                                    I’m rather fond of this little mite. It’s a Longhorn beetle but what specifically I can’t tell you………..I’ll guess at Common.

 image                                     A House Fly or near relative having a wash and brush up on a Nettle leaf.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      This one I really like, I know I shouldn’t as he spends the best part of his life bonking in cow muck. On consideration there are worse ways of life….. I suspect I could get used to the cow muck…. He’s and I’m reasonably sure for once it’s a he has decided that a break from reproduction on a fresh blade of grass is in order. The Yellow Dung Fly.

That’s all for today I will see what this evening and tomorrow morning brings.


  1. Great post Adrian. Put a smile on my face.
    Interesting old bath. Makes you wonder how it found its way there.
    The dung fly does seem to have life pretty much sorted, doesn't he.

  2. Keith, good to see you back. It does but the cow shit is a worry, I'm not German. Pray to god that I've no German bilingual visitors!!

  3. Ha ha, your post is always good for a laugh.

  4. Great old bath, is the slab of concrete there to protect the ball-cock? Looks like that needs a bit of attention, too. The housefly has chosen a pretty leaf to sun bathe on. I'd say that is a good post, you amuse even if you aren't happy with your shots. I couldn't post a comment yesterday, wanted to ask you to humour me with some old machinery photos.

  5. I liked the yellow dungfly till you told me what it was. It looks remarkably clean. I liked the bathtub, too--it's not the first I've seen used as a watering trough.

  6. Bob, I try my best, cheers.

    Jolynne, Insects are pretty and very intricate. In less affluent times everything that could possibly be recycled was.

    Pauline , yes it covers the ball cock. I suspect it hasn't been used as a trough for a while.
    The old machinery here is not that old more junk than attractive.

  7. You certainly get around, Adrian. Thanks for your comment on my first moth outing.

  8. Emma,I'm relatively static at the moment here in Whitby. I look forward to seeing more of your moths.

  9. Mmmmm bonking in cow muck. How funny! he is a handsome fellow...

    At least he doesn't smell like bleach! LOL I've done something similar before. The positive: you don'thave to worry about athlete's foot for a while. ;o)

  10. Athletes foot or any other skin infections from Acne to Herpes!