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Wednesday 9 June 2010


Today we took the afternoon off from the joys of laundry. Molly was to have a hair cut and shower and I took the opportunity to visit Whitby Museum. This was recommended to me by Phil Gates whose weblog can be found by clicking (HERE).

The Museum is a must, for a provincial town to boast a collection like this is amazing, I spent two of the best hours I have ever had, with a break for tea and quiche. If I am to be honest I have had more fun but that lasts more like two minutes than two hours.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA             Not a prognosticator, that’s me but a Tempest Prognosticator. If scientific instruments were built like this today then everyone with an IQ higher than a gerbil would wish to be a scientist and not be a mediastudyist.

 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Sorry about the flare but if you read the above it describes the apparatus and it’s operation, it really appealed to me. Whimsy, beauty and lateral thinking that defies my imagination.

Being short of time that’s your lot for today, I got loads more pictures before being politely informed to read the notice and refrain from taking pictures……………….Que!!---QUE!!

So hopefully you will see the rest.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                               Damn near forgot. So wrapped up was I in the wonders of leaches, bells and bottles. Molly post haircut.




  1. What a fascinating invention! I found some more info here:


    I can well understand how you spent a couple of hours in such an interesting museum.

    I remember spending hours in the York Museum - you never know what you might come across - and especially interesting to learn things up front and centre.

    Molly looks lovely :)

  2. Glad you had such a wonderful time. Hope Molly didn't have to endure too many indignities to end up looking so beautiful. And what's she doing on my old quilt cover might I ask? How did that get there, I wonder.

  3. That looks like one clean, cuddly and intelligent dog. Nice portait of Molly.

  4. they told you to put your camera away?! LOL oops. To be honest that's a big fear of mine. Well maybe not a fear but I am always wondering who I am going to piss off by taking pictures.

    The prognosticator is really interesting! Leeches! Huh... that's old school.

    And you know I love the Molly shot. She is SUCH a love. How could you ever say no to that face??? Aw. ;o)

  5. TWO minutes?! Congratulations ;)
    What a wonderful looking instrument that Tempest Prognosticator is. A great mind certainly thought of that one.
    And the picture of Molly......superb.

  6. One of my favourite museums Adrian. So much of real interest in such a small space.