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Sunday 22 March 2015

MORE MACRO. (22/03/15)

It has been a bit quiet on the image front but I have got the information computer set up after a fashion. The icons work fine in that they select the folder when clicked, what I can’t make them do is go straight to the full screen slide show in Windows Photo viewer. I’ll leave that for a proper computer person. I have little choice as it’s beyond me.blog  This is roughly what the desktop looks like.

As always I have looked at these for so long that I am a bit dissatisfied. I could do with someone at a desk next door to bounce ideas off.  The central logo had to be black, it isn’t, it’s about 90% black as I remember a proper graphic artist saying that she was taught never to use zero, zero, zero or pure black. Don’t know why. I hope it works as folk can drag and drop their own photographs into the icons. I can see it getting in a right mess but never mind.

This morning I’ve been out with the macro lens again and have added a scale which despite being a bit garish does do the job. All the following are at 1.36x magnification as I popped a 36mm extension tube on the 100mm macro lens.

_MG_3050      I don’t know what this moss is but if I had to guess I’d go for Bryum capillare.

_MG_3051     Tortula muralis. Whatever they are at least they have started fruiting.



_MG_3054      Although I have my doubts I’ll go with the consensus on this one and say it is young Turkey Tail, Coriolus versicolour. The last image is it just starting to grow and the others are a few weeks old. I never realised how hairy it is.

That’s all for today, have a good week.



  1. I knew there was something missing from my newsfeeds of late. Have a good week to Adrian.

  2. This is all beyond me. But the last but one looks like a yeti's foot.

    1. Frances, yes it does but a very small yeti.

  3. hmmm...a good Southerner would say, "You're in the weeds now."

  4. re desktop, looking over your shoulder: For me the circular lettering needs to be further away from the black shape, especially horizontally where at the moment it is touching. The first one has the right sort of spacing at the top - just my subjective opinion.

    Good idea using the scale with the macros. I am after a scale for the microscope so we know the actual size of subject.

    1. Thanks John, I tend to agree. They are saved as Photoshop PSD files, PNGs to preserve opacity and ICOs so they will work. It's not a big job to alter them and I'm tempted to.

      I was messing around ages ago with a bit of software that added a scale but I couldn't get it to work. Can't even recall what it was called. This is just a bit of ruler shot at varying focal distances with different extension tubes on. I'll clean it up and have another go as the red is a bit grim.
      It is a matter of naming them popping them into a folder then putting them on top of the image before compression. I only use 1:1, 2:1 3:1 and 36mm and 48mm of extension so six files sort the job.

  5. I like fine macro because you see so many things that we miss with normal eyesight. the mm scale really helps to give some idea of actual size.

    1. Red, I enjoy macro but it is a bit hit and miss. I'll clean the scale up and try and make it more professional looking.