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Thursday 6 August 2015


It wasn’t looking good first thing but on our first walk I met Callum. I was getting ready for a weekend shop and mentioned that I was thinking of a wander into town…. Braw…He said… Could I give you a couple of messages………..The messages were two litres of milk, some tatties, 50gm of rollup and if White & Mackay is on offer a litre of that. I asked what he considered reasonable for W&M….He said stop your dogs sniffing my Megan, it winds her up. Megan Got wound up and had a snap. After we had both kicked and missed at quick dogs he said owt will do but anything under  twenty poond will be fine. He actually gave me fifty poond for his messages………I must have been here too long.

I am buggered. I took the rucksack but then Bells was eighteen poonds a litre in the toon. It nearly crippled me getting home with the rucksack full of potatoes, four litres of Milk,Two litres of Bells. Two loafs of bread. Chicken Thighs. They were on offer as well twelve for a fiver so I got Callum some and a bloody Daily Telegraph for me. His Baccy I could have managed.

A wasted of £1.40p. The Telegraph doesn’t host ads The headline is…. Tories put squeeze on Union cash. The subfrontpage is Sam Cam is a fashion icon. I am glad I buy it infrequently. Had they mentioned that Samantha Cameron could finish their cryptic crossword in an hour I would have been after her like a flash. She is fit but not an icon. Bloody hell, Uma Thurman is a bloody Icon. She can kick box and didn’t need to marry a spoon headed, whimpy, hooray.

I used to like the Telegraph as it used proper names for folk. Sam Cam rings well but it ignores the fact she is married to a spoon faced dithering hooray and her mother married well the second time around. Were I to come across her…chance would be a fine thing…. Then I would address her properly as Mrs Dithery or Lady Sheffield in waiting. Samantha please do as you are told.

Regarding the Squeeze on Labour cash that is to be expected and I much prefer that they do that than put the squeeze on little boys and girls as appears to be their want.

Most private companies like Unions it is a body to negotiate with and after the aggro the job is fine and gets done. This lot have grown up so divorced from the real world that they have little comprehension of negotiation; it is not in, not in their lexicon. They attack teachers and health service staff as they recognise that they pay them and they have never been in the nasty world. Their world is bloody horrible thanks to politicians.

It is time to start thinking seriously about whether we need Dithery and his Ilk. Whether we need a Queen and her Ilk. We need governing and I think Jeremy Corbyn, the rebel, would bring a breath of air freshener into the pretty murky world British Politics have become. From him there is a future. I doubt he will be elected but he has a chance. Think of the miners. Many folk do. It is a total disgrace the power this countries elite have to dictate what we do and how we do it to add to the wealth of a very small club. Thatcher was a born again traitor to her parents. They need outing along with Heath and Blair if it is proved he was a war criminal. Just do the buggers. Too late for Heath but maybe not too late for GWB and Blair.

I do have some snaps for you.



Harvestman. It has all it's legs but the second shows it’s eye turret the ocularium . This one doesn't have a big one but it does have all it’s legs. It also escaped in the truck. Ill keep an eye out for it.

_MG_1610 No worries  It is a bit sad though. They went bust twenty years ago and there is little reason for anyone to invest when we have a system in place to bail out gamblers and bankers. Much the same thing, has anyone looked at this weird investment  called Binary, do not it is another rip off that our government allow. 


A field full of Rape to finish a depressing post.

I can’t end like this I’ll give you a couple of shots of a butterfly.



I like this 135mm lens. It can’t get within a mile but it is well worth playing with. I have owned dozens of lenses and this is the least favourite. It is good for people but not sharp enough for he real world. I would put Dithery in the fast 135mm Canon lens category.

Have fun.


  1. A lesson in UK politics, a lens review, a pretty field, a lovely butterfly--- what more could I ask on the day of the first GOP debate with the Donald in centerstage.... 50 poond for that alright.

    1. It's not for me to say but you lot have an enviable capacity to elect dumb clucks. We just elected one here just because the alternative was the same but a bit more alien looking. The Milibands want banning they make D.Trump look sensible. No no body could do that. It is frightening how money governs the world but it has always been so.
      Callum is sitting here now. He got half back but am cooking tea.

  2. You're turning into unite an angry...er...young man, Adrian, aren't you? I hope you feel better now, and that the second bottle of Bells was for you? Anyway,,cheers!

  3. Frances, you are welcome to kick me for being left wing. Please don't try and demean me. I am not religious but believe Cameron et al are the devil. Blair wasn't far behind but he was more intelligent, had me fooled for years.
    I have nothing to do with unions. Yes when I see the Queens country being run by a spoon face idiot I do et a bit cross. That's her fault for being born.
    I am never dumb enough not to soften the message with a lovely picky or two

  4. Next time Callum asks you to do some "messages", remember to take the camper van! You could have suffered a hernia!

    1. YP, I could have but I fancied the walk. It was silly but not as daft as buying a paper.

  5. Sometimes the truth has to be told. All the idiots don't seem to recognize truth. It's sad that people are not aware of how it really works. tThe big boys are running the show , not the politicians.

  6. Seen that close up a Harvestman looks like an alien craft from War of the Worlds.

    1. John, the only way I could get it to stay still was to let it sit under a piece of card then flip the image. It escaped and I'll be blowed if I can find it.

  7. Sounds like a lot of weight you were carrying Adrian fitter then me that's for sure. The Harvestman is an excellent pair of images. Looks like it behaved itself

    1. Douglas, the harvestman likes to sit under the bit of card. so I shot it upside down then flipped the image.