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Thursday 24 August 2017


It's been a funny week. Monday they had a bit of a do at Westminster. It was Bell End in the Elizabeth Tower. I seem to recall that we had a similar bellend ceremony at the back end of June. The opening of parliament when some of the bellends attend. Not all bellends attend as they are otherwise engaged in creative expenses accounting and are excused.
Who am I to comment I was not invited to either but on the former occasion was vibro rolling.
It's a new horse arena. Herringbone drains underneath this hardcore lead to an evaporation pond or wildlife area; whichever rings the planners bell. They also save horses landing in soggy bits, thus saving a small fortune in vets bills and preventing fit totty from mucking up their expensive togs and bruising their bums. The Vibro-roller is lovely to drive; not a Bomag, it can shake fillings loose at ten metres. As long as the horses are happy. Bugger the old man driving it, spitting fillings everywhere.

My sister has bought me a wonderful device which in theory will bring my nicotine tax contributions to the NHS to zero. Expect the idle buggers sitting at nurses stations recovering from stress to be decimated.
What a bit of kit. Sister got me a dozen different flavours to suck. Not a one says cannabis so no THC.
 I've not totally worked it out but the bit marked "A" allows one to suck harder or softer. I could do with something similar.
 I'll ask Claire if she would like a suck on it.  The her being of the MGBGT persuasion I'll ask nicely. Likely to get a slap if I'm not up to speed on acceptable words. Even 'Cor Fuck Me' is sexist these days and not a compliment as she, her, it, bends to turn a burger on the barbecue.... Likely to get thumped if I get the letters in the wrong order. She. Her. It. A Them. I couldn't give a fuck..... as I can't after prolonged sessions in a couple of intensive care units.
 Who thought it a good idea to let lasses loose with catheters. Twice in my case. Bastard nurses. Men can't help wetting the bed when full of morphine with an horrible pipe down their neck doing god knows what, sucking, slurping, dumping revolting yellow gunge in a jar. All the while one is dying for a smoke, trying to look up the sleeves of the fit one for a glimpse of a nipple, desperate to remember what 'M' number will release one from their clutches. Get used to it nurses. Clean up, he's near death, enjoy it, don't make his passing or survival worse.
I'll leave you with another Red Admiral. A good year for them here. That good I can't find the snap but you have all seen one before.
Have fun.


  1. Replies
    1. Oh, I see, there really isn't one and we should imagine one we have seen before. Sometimes I am really slow.

    2. Bob, I have several butterflies and will post soon.

  2. I like what you've done with that first image Adrian.

    Best wishes - - - Richard

    1. Richard, I ought to have got a snap of me trundling round the arena.

  3. Hope you are as successful with your new toy as I have been. It took me years to find a combination of atomiser, battery and liquid I could get on with but I got there in the end. Nothing as fancy as that though. Now about a year since I had a smoke. No more wheezing when I go to bed but enough nicotine intake to stop me being eternally bad tempered.

    1. John, they make me cough but I'll persevere. Suddenly realised I was smoking too much since the idiots made me buy tobacco in large quantities. I see the e-liquid is only available in small quantities. No good expecting our legislators to show consistency or sense. Too busy filling their expenses in.

  4. Good luck with that Adrian. If my brother can then so can you. Good luck with the other (by which I mean try and avoid a swift upper cut to the tender parts.)

    1. Graham, I'm a week into the job, still having the occasional roll-up with a coffee. When I run out of roll up then I suspect I'll be fine. I gave up ready made fags a year or two ago as they all tasted the same and the taste was of soggy smouldering cardboard. I still remember the hit of a Park Drive, Galois, Sobranie. Probably only available to our state apparatchiks now.
      The other is Okay as she likes a cuddle and luckily my arms still work even if the extremities of them smell of diesel. She reads this rubbish so I try to be diplomatic.