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Friday 1 September 2017


I am going on seventy, can still edit without a tremor, still able to sort mower decks, manage simple CNC and CAD but I struggle with elaborate electronic/hydraulic systems designed by some silly South Korean tosser with nothing better to do but masturbate and programme the ridiculous.

I love and appreciate the finer things in life like the lassie I met when going for new nicotine vaping fluid. They have shops for it. Real ones with real warmish, breathing totty that talk Fifeish and answer to Shelagh. (Not all of them obviously, some answer to names like Shivon and Gale, I can't spell their names in Fifeish). Be banned quick sticks they will. Not the girls names but the shops. Apparatchiks hate folk socialising.
 I was converted and signed a loyalty card there and then like a born again Christian. I believed. Far cheaper than online and even cheaper as soon as I get five points  I get another purchase for nothing and they possibly throw the lassie in gratis. I suspect life isn't that simple or as complicated. Imagine getting landed with a goddess who thinks it normal to sally out at twenty one hundred hours wanders in at zero three zero hours and makes a right mess and noise and then surfaces at twelve hundred making more noise just when it's my nap time. I guess time will tell. I have a Vaperorized card
Seems okay as far as okay goes in Cupar.

 Here are a few butterflies. It's been a wonderful year for them.

For those that don't know they are Peacock and Red Admirals. The Peacocks have the round bit at the end of the wing. It's all I see so all I can snap.
 I don't see Photoshop updates now as it's a monthly subscription job. Adobe is good but it makes the market leaders in CAD look cheap. I thought I'd persuaded Auto Desk I was a teacher. They refused on the grounds I wasn't a wanker and as I knew a little bit of the stuff, I'd have to pay two and a half grand a year plus and in US dollars. Buggers. Only government employees can afford that. Bastards. Having cut my teeth on Blender it was a joy to use. Sad I couldn't use it for free.
Have fun.


  1. I love what you've done with those images, Adrian - particularly those two Peacock images.

    I hate it when software companies migrate to monthly subscriptions for their products. Microsoft seem to be trying to do it but, thankfully, are still offering outright licence purchase too. I think they'd suffer if they withdrew that option.

    I guess Autodesk are trying to put off amateurs from using AutoCAD as it probably gives them too many support headaches, as there are some real numpties out there - I'm not suggesting you are one!!!

    Happily I can buy a newer version of Corel (which is what I use) for a mere one-off payment of £69

    Best wishes - - Richard

    1. Richard, I hate to have to accept the horrendous cost of software but dodging between Blender and Inkscape is a pain. I guess the answer is to get good enough to charge for my results or wait for a labour government and loads of free stuff. Nothing is free but socialists seem to have a magic money tree.

  2. So much for the idea that vaping is a way of getting people out of the habit altogether. Mind you it has to be better for everyone that ciggies.

    Apple are no longer supporting Aperture and Adobe Lightroom was the obvious choice of alternative. It can still be purchased outright but I suspect updates will be on subscription soon enough so I have removed it and gone for an alternative. I don't do the amount of editing that you do (although learning more is on my bucket list). I've never used the full Photoshop for editing.

    1. Graham, vaping really makes me cough, I am still persevering and hope things get easier.
      There is plenty of shareware and some is very good. Cadtek and Autodesk are both a dream to use.........at a hefty price.

  3. Wonderful butterflies Adrian!! Hope you are doing good :)))

    1. Ruby, thank you. I am still plodding along. Hope life is treating you kindly.

    2. Adrian, I am very well thanks!!! :)))) thought would pop in on your website and see what you are up to. excellent pictures in your recent posts, as always.

  4. The popped flutter stands out well.
    Hope your vapourers cough is improving. It is something many starters suffer with and can take a while to subside. I wonder which flavour(s) you are liking. I mainly use a strong menthol with an occasional fruit such as melon for a change.

    1. John, it's not a patch on a roll up but better than a patch. I am uing rolly flavour which is okay. I have mint and blackberry but am not keen on the latter two.