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Tuesday 5 September 2017


I am in Carnbo for a week or so. Dog sitting and hay net filling. One naughty horse has knocked a fence over so I know what I'm doing tomorrow. I have a good days work post driving and rail nailing. What fun.
Not much going on in the news. Komrade Korbyn is thinking of becoming a vegan. I would have thought it an easy decision for him. 
I suspect he may find that he has more pressing matters to occupy him when he grows up.

Katie Kambridge has just been awarded £100,000.00p for pictures of her breasts or maybe just one of them. Some folk will do anything for attention and money. I regard it as a storm in a 'B' cup.

The arena is finished and looks very smart. silica sand and carpet fibre topped with rubber chip. The horses won't know what they are walking on and will, I suspect, spend the first hour firing hapless pilots left, right and centre. They will have a comfyish landing. Be worth having a camera handy.

It looks so good that I was tempted to pick up a few leaves.

This is the arena drainage pond..........whoops, I should have said aquatic conservation area. The dogs are reasonably happy but they would prefer a frog or two. They are fascinated by frogs.
I'll ask the horses to pose for a portrait or six.....possibly seven if the new boy arrives. Maybe I'll give Brav a miss as he knocked the fence down. Clumsy horse.
Have Fun.


  1. looking for frogs ? but frogs love leaves !
    hope it's not too hard to repair the fence

    1. Marty, the pond is a bit new for frogs but the dogs are ever hopeful. It's not hard to fence but it is difficult to do a good job.

  2. Am I right in thinking that you won't want the dogs in there after the arena has been used for a while? - it sounds as if it's going to end up pretty putrid if it's drainage from the arena.

    In your current frame of mind, I half expected to see you'd written something controversial in the surface of that arena that could be read from space!

    1. Richard, by the time any horse pee gets through the sand and hardcore base it is well filtered and solid muck is picked up. I'll show you the indoor arena and that doesn't stink or maybe I don't notice.
      Don't put ideas in my head.

  3. It's nice to see your dogs still roaming about and being happy getting dirty (I think that's the best feeling they can get, judging from my own dog) :)

    Mersad Donko Photography

    1. Yes Mersad, they are always covered in muck but the only type I object to is oil and grease from the workshop.