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Wednesday 4 July 2018


Three times I have been out. The crack of dawn, which is around three o'clock here, midday and again a bit after that. I was looking for a Wall Brown butterfly. I have seen orange butterflies flitting about but non settled until Friday when I confirmed what I was seeing. I got it in focus and it flew off just as I pressed the button that makes the clicking noise. They are about but have endless energy.
Alf went to the vet again on Monday and now seems much improved. Whilst he was there I had a trip to the horses.
 This is Rambo but he is entered into events as Rum and Coke. I like this beast and he wandered over for a chat but once he realised the camera wasn't edible went back to grazing. He can be a tinker but has always treated me fine. Seventeen and a bit hands of solid mischief. If I'm mending his loose box drinker he steals tools and kicks them around. I'm sure he only trashes his drinker to get attention. Either that or he fancies a career as a plumber.
Darcy on the left and Talisker on the right. They are a bit smaller. Talisker is about racehorse size with tiny feet. We were having a bit of mutual grooming. Not the Muzzie sort of  grooming you have to understand. I scratch his neck and he nibbles my hair and shirt. My sister wanted some video of my horse whispering ability so I started scratching him again and he bit me; must have confused me with a towelhead. I've not seen the video but I gave him a slap and a special word for his performance. Little sod.
Alf is looking good after the vets attention but he is on tablets and has to go back weekly. I hope they can sort him.
He is a bit dirty as he went bog trotting whilst I was Butterflying. 
The Barley is looking fine it has all it's seeds and now just needs a drop of rain to swell them.
Now here is the result of hours of energy sapping sitting.
A Ringlet Butterfly. Where are the rings?

Here they are. Enough ringsto satisfy anyone. Even their eyes have bits of rings.
I don't watch the Wendyball but am happy England won. I would like to be more enthusiastic but have decided that I must be homophobic. More faggotry than one can shake a stick in Wendyball. I heard yesterday that the NHS is stopping paying for Gay counselling. Fine by me as I have never felt the urge to be one.
Dake the movie has hit problems. I enjoy doing titles but have bitten off more than I can currently chew. I suspect another fortnight will be required whilst I battle with HDIs and global lighting in Blender.
Have fun.


  1. Yep butterflies are a bugger for that, I'm sure they're telewotsit and know when we're about to press the shutter button!

    I hope it's nothing too serious with poor Alf and he's soon on the mend.

    Your butterflies are Ringlets there's lots about just now. (sorry no speckles)...[;o)

    1. Ta Trevor I'll edit the post. Never can remember one year to the next what stuff is called.

  2. That was reminiscent of your earlier posts, Adrian, and very enjoyable it was too. Largely because I could understand it. I do hope that Alf returns to full health quickly.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it Graham.
      Alf is generally fine. He would be better still were vets cheaper. I will have to consider crowd funding him.

  3. oh wow it looks very beautiful where you live, love the name of the horse too.

    1. Amy, I'm happy here. Horses have a veterinary inspection before events and Rum and Coke lulls them into a false sense of security. He can be a real bugger.

  4. As Graham says, it's great to have post from you that I can fully digest and understand!

    I've noticed that Ringlets up in Scotland are paler and have less distinct spots on the upper wings than those down in these parts - ours tend to show rings on the upper wing surface too.

    I really hope that Alf is on the mend, Adrian.

    Best wishes - - - Richard

    1. Richard Alf will be fine.
      I have few folk commenting these days as I cut the number of blogs I follow.
      I will always put FreeCAD, Blender, Photoshop in the post titles to save people wasting their time.

  5. Penny wishes Alf a speedy recovery.
    The sheer size of some horses makes me keep well clear.

    1. Thank you Penny.
      Big or small they can all be little devils. These ones have been tamed so are generally fine.