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Thursday 28 June 2018


Yesterday I was going to go to the seaside. Alf's ear was giving him real gyp so I went to the vet instead. He is a real wuss and after three visits to the vet I can't get near his ear to clean it. A vet, me and a vet nurse couldn't either. Very entertaining it was, how no one got a bite I don't know. He's back on Monday to be sedated, whilst she sorts it. I told her it was a warrantee job but apparently they don't work like normal trades people; more like Gypo tarmac gangs but I didn't say so. Another hundred pounds to pay Monday.
Today I went to the seaside but called at a small nature reserve near Crail as I'd been told it was thick with Dragonflies. It may have been but it was also thick with a school party, they were doing what they usually do. Throwing crisp bags and pop bottles everywhere, begging for cigarettes, totally out of order whilst their carers sat sunbathing. Not a good Miss in sight to mitigate their hooliganism.
I got them to pick up some of the crap they'd dropped and departed.
I decided to stop in Anstruther. I fancied fish and chips but never found the chippy. I did call at the wooden boat builder but he had a blog on, his mood was not improved by Moll pinching the remains of his piece. I'll have to go back and get some photographs. He's a grand bloke and last time I saw him he made a fuss of the Terrors. They like the children take advantage of any sign of weakness and whilst sit, stay, come here are commands that are of no importance. A bloke that was nice six months ago is imprinted in their brain.
I had lost all interest in snapping but here are a couple.
 This is flipped horizontally. Much easier than shifting children to give a lead to the harbour light.
Colour popped. A few Prawners and Potters, about all that is left of our fishing industry.
A disappointing day not helped by the heat.
My Dake engine model is coming on a treat. The drawings I found could have benefited from the dreaded orange pencil man but the beauty of CAD is that many problems can be seen in a 3D model and either ignored or corrected. The next FreeCAD video will be Dake the movie. I still can't get my nuts to revolve but have some Python script to solve it. Where to pop the code I have yet to find out.
A good friend died yesterday so I'll have to get a shirt, tie and a haircut. The latter the gorgeous Bev can do, I have to trim my own beard as the bristles get down her shirt. Wish I could, fit as a butchers dog she is. Every cloud etc.
Have fun.


  1. Sounds like you had an eventful day Adrian?...[;o)

  2. Trevor uneventful is the polite way of summing things up. It's too hot up here. Combine servicing is on the cards as the barley is looking good. Hope the price stays high. I hate pissing about with agricultural machinery. Thinking of going back to work on Hondas or G50s. Any posh engine an old man can understand. The AJS G50- was near perfect.

  3. It's a couple of years since I was in Anstruther and didn't manage to get to the fishing museum which, I'm told, is very good. As you say it's all history now. It's even mildly warm on Lewis at the moment.

    1. Graham the museum is on my list. It's a pleasant little town.

  4. Great monochrome images, Adrian. I particularly like that first one, but didn't understand the significance of the horizontal flip.

    I hope Alf's ear is soon mended - not just for his sake, but for the sake of your pocket too!

    Best wishes - - - Richard

    1. Thank you Richard.
      My brain works better with a lead right to left.
      I hope they sort Alf tomorrow, I suspect he does too.