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Tuesday 5 June 2018


I have had a good couple of days. FreeCAD gets a little more intuitive, I still get bamboozled regularly but now not all the time.
After two years of deafness I am now cured.  have tried many varieties of ear drops and was beginning to think sulphuric acid would kill or cure. I purchased some bicarbonate of soda drops which fizz away but didn't help my hearing much and then I got a posh ear irrigation thingy from Amazon. It washed all the crud out and now my hearing is perfect......Pardon?
Here is today's video.
I am enjoying learning this stuff. The sound is also more in sync. The solution was to trim the beginning, the bit where I'm clearing my throat. Then set it on frame one go to the last frame and just stretch the sound to fit the video. Obvious really, it just takes me a while to understand solutions.
Have fun.
Cracked it and had another walk up East Lomond.
A bit clearer today. Lot's of Skylarks singing.........Wonderful.


  1. It used to be possible to go to the nurse and get one's ears syringed. Now they will not do that because there is a slight risk of damage or tinnitus. So people stick cotton buds in their ears and risk even greater damage. C'est la vie. It's a lovely area you're in. I van think of many many worse places to settle for a while.

    1. Graham, I like it here.
      I only use medical folk as a last resort. Most times I've been handled by them they have been a little cavalier in their approach and attitude. Cure or half cure one problem and cause several more.

  2. A strange happening, I couldn't help it, but!....I quite enjoyed watching your video and seeing the workflow involved in creating that spring. it must be something to do with being an engineer(retd.).
    Looking forwards to seeing more as the project progresses...[;o)

    1. Trevor I am slowly getting to think in CAD. It is amazing what even free stuff can do. It can do analysis for all sorts of things....I had a quick look but it seemed a bit komplikated not simpal like spill chucker.

    2. PS. Trevor it is the future and is great. I never thought I'd be able to programme 2D plasma cutters in G-Code but it is almost idiot proof. Setting up a multi axis machine would take me a month. Deciding the tooling magazine/carousel is an art form all on it's own but all machines seem to have a list one can consult with feeds and speeds. I suspect after a few whoopsies that the machines know not to eat themselves. Work holding is still a problem and allows for one to express individuality by sitting down doing nothing but thinking and recovering from excesses. Nothing like a complicated job for keeping management off your case.