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Wednesday 20 June 2018


I had an interesting day yesterday. I was busy drawing up bits for the Dake steam engine when I realised that some stud holes had bust through into the steam passage. Oh bless me and bother.
I decided to have ten minutes perusing GitHub which is a repository where developers pop additional workbenches and macros. I found Exploded Assembly, thought it looked interesting and so it proved to be. It says they are simple to load but not having a simple I found the job a right pain. I know how to do it now though.The old way works, open up the FreeCad programme files and look through till you find one with workbenches in, create a sub folder, unzip the stuff and drop it in. Restart the computer and after a couple of goes or six Bob was my uncle. I ignored Windows telling me every couple of minutes that I need to be an administrator; I had enough problems without being one of them.
There is a minute of tedious or more tedious stuff at the start of the video then we get into coloured in and exploding. The funny sound on the video is my voice and rain pounding on the roof.

I am getting much faster at modelling and am reasonably confident with the boring stuff. I am enjoying learning this just as I enjoy playing in Blender. The latter is much more stable but I don't complain too much as both are free.
Have fun.


  1. Hmmm!...I sort of followed that Adrian and I sort of got the gist of what you're doing...sort of!!....[;o)

    1. Trevor you did brilliantly. I have but the vaguest of notions of what I'm doing.