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Wednesday, 6 June 2018


It's another day of sunshine, it's brilliant.
I started learning about watertube boilers and realised I'd have to calculate the volume of steam required. I have worked out the capacity of the double square piston Dake engine and timesed that by the revs per minute required to give me twenty miles per hour with a twenty inch back wheel. I then started with the steam drum on the boiler. Which is only half full of wet steam which requires superheating. How big a propane burner do I need, how big a drum? A boiler man would know but I don't know a boiler man or know where to find one.
 I gave up and went looking for some day flying moths I'd seen. Big yellowy tan things they were and dozens of them. There were even more of them today but the breeze was too powerful to have a chance of a snap.
The place I went is just under this array. I should have worn my tinfoil hat. I decided to go Dragonfly hunting. The dogs love the swamp.

It is a much reduced bog due to the unseasonable weather but the dogs still found plenty of muck to paddle in whilst they assisted in the quest for insects. Some of the black on Alf is shadow but most is shit.
I settled down to do a little energetic Dragonflying. It involves sitting in the sun and waiting for the little darlings to come within range. There were four giant ones but I suspect they were three males and one female, big as a small helicopter they were but they never came close enough to click.
Eventually my patience was rewarded.
A Fritilary, I'll leave it to the experts to decide which one. I took the 100mm macro and have never liked it much. I'll try and go early tomorrow if it's fine and go with the MP-E. The insects have to be half asleep so it will have to be at dawn or shortly after. I'll pack the 400mm and an extension tube just to be on the safe side.
I never did capture a Dragonfly but saw plenty, blue ones, brown ones and red ones. All I got was this obliging Damselfly.
It's a Large Red. I was very grateful to it for posing, it's tiring sitting in the sun.
That's all, have fun.


  1. Right move Adrian...a bit of outdoors nature watching is good for de-cluttering the brain. The gang look like they enjoy it too?

    It'a a Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary (Boloria selene) it's doing well in Scotland but sadly, not so good in England.

    I'm surprised that you don't like the 100mm Macro? It's my bestest lens, I do all my insect shots with it...I'd be lost without it!...[;o)

    1. Trevor, thank you for the ID. I started looking it up and after narrowing the choice to four gave up. It's a good year for butterflies here. I'll try and snap some more.
      I don't think the 100mm is awful but I tend to use it on MF and for some reason it doesn't suit me. I'll take it again and persevere.

  2. The colour and the wings of that damselfly are amazing

    1. Monica. They are beautiful. They were a bit lively today, chasing about trying to eat one another I suspect.

  3. Just getting back into blogging after my trip to the Outer Hebrides, Adrian. Great to see you are doing some insecting - I find it easier to understand than your CAD work - and I have worked for three different CAD companies in my time, on the technical side too! Must have fried my brains 'cos it's now all Chinese to me!

    Best wishes - - - Richard

    1. Richard, I have used Blender and Adobe 3D for years and can get by. I thought the principles would be much the same and a few bits are. It is likely that I have developed a strange work flow as I learn by thinking of something to do then trying to do it. I then see a new tool with words I don't understand and click about until something happens.
      It fries my brain cell too.

  4. Good to see you back on the trail.

    1. Graham, it's been a long winter but now is compensation in bucket loads.