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Saturday 1 September 2018


I have been filming the harvest here in Scotland and the footage is in need of a bit of a lift.
The following video is pretty self explanatory. I get sidetracked easily as there are all sorts of things to play with in video compositors. The beauty of layers in Photoshop and editing video in a compositor is that it is always reversible.
Before we get into the video and it's dubious quality I'd like to say four or six hands would be better than two for filming and sound recording. If I could stop my hands messing with framing and aperture whilst shooting it would be a massive step forward. I suspect it's my two hands that are the major problem.

I record voice overs at least three times as without fail the dogs will start barking or chomping their food on two of them and hard as I try not to say "umm" I can't help it. I also got my before and afters the wrong way round. Not to worry. It's just an idiot at play.

This is best watched on YouTube. It will show full screen with no bother.
Have fun.


  1. Flippin' heck, Adrian - for once I managed to understand most of what was going on here. I hope I'm not getting the bug - I'd hate to end up with squidgy balls!

  2. Richard, I wish I could say I understand whats happening. I am now wondering how to save the node tree so that it can be applied across all the clips in the movie.

  3. Well that didn't last long Adrian!....looks like we've drifted out of sync. already!
    Interesting to see the work flow, and I did manage to get the genearal gist of most of it...[;o)

    1. Trevor. It started and ended out of sync. Bloody sound and dust blowing everywhere. Life is never easy. I would be better popping it in Windows Movie Maker but it wouldn't be as much fun.

  4. Given the fact that I am never likely to attempt such a thing I can't understand why I was mesmerised and watched it right the way through!

    1. Graham, I make it much more complex than it needs to be. I get more fun from playing with images than I do from taking them. I still prefer shooting film but digital is just so easy that I can't be bothered with analogue.