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Monday 3 September 2018


I have another video today, it is a bigger hotchpotch than I usually post and that is an achievement on it's own. The horse is called Talisker and for some reason was being tacked up in the field when he decided it was time for a snooze. I can assure you he is fine, just a very silly beast.
The tractor has been colour popped and for a first attempt it has worked, well nearly worked. It needs masks and they have to be tracked to keep just the red bits on the tractor and not red bits elsewhere.  It's PhD level Blendering, I almost got there before I was distracted by the horse.

Yesterday I was taking Talisker out to the field when he managed to get Molly under his feet. Moll was lucky and not best pleased. She was very angry and attacked his hoof. Bloody animals, it was chaos for a moment. Should have had some video of that.
That's all for today. I have a bit more harvest video to get and hopefully it will be done this week.


  1. Crazy horse.
    Looks as though colour popping video is quite a job to achieve.
    On the subject of colour I've just watched a BBC programme I recorded - 'Do You See What I See?' all about the perception of colour and how colours can affect us. A fascinating experiment showed the range of colours we see can depend on language - how many different words we have for colours. A Tribe which has only five words for all the different colours 'see' things differently to us. e.g. shown blocks of green with one slightly different shade they could pick out the odd one but we have real difficulty to find it. Shown the green blocks with one pale blue, obvious to us, they found nearly impossible to pick out. I find investigations like that really interesting. If you are interested it's on catchup here https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b013c8tb

    1. Yes John he's very silly. There is another that is really inventive.
      I'll have a think on the popping. I have found that converting the strip to frames suits Blender better. I think that is causing the flickering as I didn't use a consistent frame rate and it dropped frames. One way would be to just paint the colour out frame by frame sort of the reverse of the red coat in Schindler's list. I can't get BBC it uses too much band width but it sounds an interesting programme.

  2. That horse snoring is one of the funniest things I've seen in ages. Looks like he was dreaming, too. Probably sorting Molly out big time.

    1. Pauline it is funny.
      I do worry about the dogs. They usually watch out but they cut it fine sometimes both with animals and machines.

  3. Hi Adrian. Was about to put a comment on here last night, when I saw John's mention of the 'Do You See What I See' programme and immediately went to investigate - fascinating (thank you, John).

    Talisker's snoring is priceless. I'm still grinning!

    1. Richard, they are often unintentionally amusing. I like them once I get to know their little foibles.