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Thursday 24 October 2019


Happy Birthday to Carole.

Now this is a very simple utilisation of animation nodes. The Happy Birthday bit is just normal animation. I do wonder if my mind is incapable of much more than this. I can sort of work multi track video but lack the dedication to make it perfect.
This is what the computer shows.

This is easy and if anyone is interested CHRIS PENNINGER can sort you out. If you get stuck with him then ask. He sorts me out.
I have dropped my following Blogger to about zero. I like the few lefty hypocrites like BeefPudding. The bloke is a source of endless entertainment. Thick as a pudding mind you. I enjoy MidmarshJohn for his programming expertise but he does tend to forsake this for plants. Boring things are someone else's plants. 
I guess this will be the last post here.
I Like YouTube, I get response and I learn a lot from it. Such is life.


  1. I am no lefty hypocrite and would be sad if this is your last post here. Say it isn't so!

    I rarely comment on the highly technical stuff because it is (a) highly technical and (b) way over my head.

    I hope you will reconsider.

  2. I'll be very sorry to see you go, Adrian, even though I don't always agree with your 'politics'. I originally followed you because of your inspiring photography and your post-processing wizardry, and have missed that side of you lately, but still found your technical 3D modelling fascinating, although not understanding much of it!

    Like 'rhymeswithplague' above, I too hope you will reconsider.

  3. Well I've been following you for many many years now but as almost everything you post now is way over my head I do rarely comment. I hope that you won't disappear out of Blogland for ever and will keep in touch.

  4. Crikey, Adrian, just when I discover you have a heart (that video is charming!) you up and leave. You entertain me and I'll miss you.

  5. everything you show looks very complicated but it works for you !
    hope the best for you Adrian and thank you so much for your nice
    words on my blog !
    bye bye but hope to see you back later !!!