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Sunday, 6 October 2019


I have had an appalling week with Blender and Houdini. I have persevered and gone backwards. I got the sphere with coloured balls to perform but it kept crashing. Okay the machine was working hard and I expected to have to wait and wait I did. I recalled the days when HDR images took a kettle boiling time to chunder out stuff so put the kettle on. Came back and the result was hopeless. I couldn't edit anything. Bastard! I was an idiot and hadn't, until an hour ago, instructed Blender to utilise 90% of the machines RAM. Blender was making my machine look a fool.

Even the Gods of climate change don't look after idiots. This clip cheered me up.
Then I thought how serious the injuries could have been. We used to have training to use a high pressure fire hose and it took two of us to control the bugger with a proper fireman shouting.
 "Don't panic. Brace (We Braced). Half. (We staggered). Come on boys put your back into it. Full." 
 We almost took off but still had to hit the target dictated by our trainer. We had three goes to pass. The bloody things are heavy and built to last.
These folk think learning a skill is for the little people. Why they thought a vegan tree hugger with a big bum was going to hang on is beyond me. It is very funny. Cheered me up a treat. Perhaps she could have her own television series.....Be a blockbuster. Better than come dancing. First episode could be lifting a fire hose nozzle, thirtieth coping with Grenfell Towers. What is Dick of the Yard thinking? Why do government continue her contract? An untaxed truck can get into the middle of London. Set up and pump. The blasted thing could have been pumping soap and petrol*. Daft sods one and all. 
It gives me hope. I'll sort this Blender Malarkey but I won't ask any of those Muppets for help.

I got some horse pictures.

This is Mouse. He is still getting comfortable in his new home. A friendly beast and a tall lad at 17.3 hands....That's about six feet to his shoulder.
Old body but new truck. This one is state of the art with automatic transmission and auto exhauster brakes. It carried Mouse up from the borders. I hope he appreciates his new abode.

Finally just a bit of messing.
Quad and Stewart and pooper scooper.
Have fun.

* Soap and petrol is awful stuff. Napalm. It sticks and burns. Not a fun combination.


  1. Mouse is a grand-looking fellow, Adrian. Enjoyed that video clip - thank you! I didn't know that Napalm had such a simple composition - frightening!

    1. Richard, it probably has a few other ingredients but it is awful stuff.