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Monday 15 March 2021


 This morning had all the makings of a wonderful day. There was frost on the car but little wind and just a smear of high cloud. Perfect for a spot of orthodontistry or whatever it is proper birders do. I loaded the dogs and popped a charged battery into the camera a long lens was mounted and set off for the Howe of Fife. There's a nature reserve there which comprises a couple of flooded gravel pits. I thought I'd have the place to myself but the car park was half full, lots of maskless folk and dogs, a pair of park rangers and not a sign of exciting birds or frogs. I think it's called Bernie Lochs, a good place and it turned out as near normal as a trip out place is likely to be these days.

There are at least a couple of lochs here and this is the other one, called something else. The birds are geese, Grey Lag Geese. 

This is one close up, it wasn't being nasty but just popping over for something to eat, possibly something like a West Highland Terrier. It had no chance as the dogs are familiar with both geese and their dubious tempers. The stables have seven of the little sods. Which reminds me it will soon be goose egg time. I'll try and get set up for some video of me stealing goose eggs, it is usually a job fraught with danger for the egg snatcher and entertainment for those not directly involved.

Despite being reliably informed by a lady that these were Coots cos they had white on their heads. I had to disagree as it's their bill that's white and not their forehead. These are a pair of Tufted Duck. She asked where the tuft was, I said if you look at the ones with a white middle bit then the tuft pokes out of the back of his head. She spent some time peering through her binoculars and decided I was a fool. She did enquire where the tuft was on the black ones, I told her the black ones are brown ones an they don't have a tuft at all. She wandered off muttering about idiots.

These are very rare Mute Swans, she is busy nest building and he is keeping guard. Clever chap. A job that seems important enough to satisfy her but requires little effort. My sort of bird.

I often call in here on my way back from Cupar as it's only just off the A91, it's also on the way to the big indoor horse place. It's not a bad place to spend an hour but I've never seen anything exotic unless one counts a Rail with a bill and not a beak. 

Have fun.

Now I do have a post that needs compiling. It won't go down well and will be a wonderful way to terminate this Blog. If I get bolshie enough I'll post it.

Here is a taster, spot the pandemic?


  1. Don't stop blogging, I enjoy your posts. I like the swans and the other one with the tufted ducks. I thought it was windy in Scotland today. Clackmannanshire got read out on the radio for wind danger to traffic this morning. The boy enjoyed saying the name.

    1. Rachel I enjoy posting but only read about three or four blogs now. Clackmannanshire is not too far away, the other side of Kinross, used to be a big coal producer and still could be.

  2. I enjoy a bit of orthodontistry myself. It’s really something I can get my teeth into.

    1. Bob, you are fortunate to have any teeth left.

  3. It's always good to see you out and about with camera in hand, Adrian. The goose really appeals to me. I look forward to seeing the egg hunt video!

    1. Pauline, I usually cheat by taking a bucket of grain down and grab the eggs while they are eating. If she has laid enough to start incubating then the fun starts.