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Thursday, 18 March 2021


 The weather is gorgeous here. It's probably summer and will most likely be snowing come July. I took the camera out this morning but there was little to bother with.

A large clump of Snowdrops being the highlight. 

A few years ago I started playing about with a Dake steam engine project, these are square piston engines that have reversing capabilities without using complex valve gear. Dake is an American company based in Michigan and is still active, they now make high quality arbor presses but not steam engines. I read that their drawings have been lost. I found what appears to be some quality draughtsmanship recreating a Dake engine. They can be downloaded in PDF format and what is even better they are free.

I'll enlarge them and have a good look.

A couple of days ago a seed drill fell off the low loader ramps. It cowped as they say in these parts. It's a wonderful word and can have several applications. One can cowp beer and whisky, you can cowp and so can most other animals, sheep are the masters of cowping, it means to fall over. A few years ago even the DPD van Cowped.

There's not much else to report, the children are back at school and if one is to believe the education authority are five years behind. The NHS is three years behind. The Batflu is amazing. Not only can it differentiate between folk gathering to support the Black Liberation Movement and those having a day at the seaside but it can warp time and statistics with ease.

I'll leave you with this conundrum.                                                                                     

 "How are the Bizzies going to cope with a transvestite misogynist?" 

"They won't have to as it will stab itself to death."

Have fun.


  1. They look like Meccano drawings.
    Why do people not accept dying as inevitable?

    1. The drawings are done in a CAD programme and can be the very devil to sort out.
      I suspect that they think dying is for the little people and they are far too important to croak.

  2. I wish I'd heard of the word "cowped" a few weeks ago. I would have enjoyed saying I'd cowped, rather than I'd tripped over my own feet.
    The snowdrops are beautiful!

    1. Pauline it is a wonderful word. Another I have picked up is clype; it means to tell or snitch. We don't have much use for it here but I still like the sound of it.