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Tuesday, 28 September 2021


 This is Cumbre Vieja, depending where in Spain you are it's pronounced Kumbrey Veeayha or Beeayha, if you happen to be in a Spanish speaking country and have trouble try speaking slower and louder. In English it means old summit and I assume it's much the same in American.
 It's not in Spain but on La Palma an island in the Islas Canarias archipelago, nor is it the old summit but the new one but that's the Spaniards or Canarians for you. I'll drop them an email suggesting Cumbre Nuevo would be more appropriate and not what they are no doubt calling it locally.....El Volcán Bastardo, or worse ese jodido colina. The Spanish are foul mouthed fuckers.

I have always been fascinated by volcanoes and have detoured to have a look at a couple. The best was Reunion but Stromboli was well worth seeing as it was firing great big fireballs into the sky, superb it was but a bit dusty and smelly. I didn't have a mask handy whilst there, still not to worry I survived.

I dread to think how much more we are going to have to pay for windmill electric to compensate for all the shit this is pumping out, I think there are a few more going off, one in Iceland and another in Guatamala but who cares about Iceland and Guatamala is miles away.

If you look on YouTube there are several live feeds, they are better at night but it's going like billy-o this morning.

Have fun.

A better video. 

Screen grabbed at 0815h on 29/09/21.


  1. This is the one that is going to wipe out the east coast of America with a tsunami and no time to get out.

    1. Rachel, it could but I doubt it will this year or next. It could also swamp London and I suspect the fens will be non too safe, invest in a pair of waders.