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Wednesday 26 December 2012



Hello All,

Well it’s been another busy and successful year here at the Ward camper.

I have lived life renunciating not only the pleasures of the flesh but all manner of consumer goods. There has been no profligate spending for us during 2012. Not, I beg you to understand, because of any financial restraints.  I am very proud of my carbon footprint this year and it has induced in me a higher level of smugness that I have ever experienced before.

I didn’t get published in The National Geographic this year. I objected to their demand that I travel first class by commercial airline and then private helicopter to remote places just to get to take a picture or two. Staying in expensive hotels at the company’s expense was also at odds with my avowed intention to live the life of an anchorite. I am very much afraid that The National Geographic’s loss was my gain.

I did consider a plea from the National Trust to contribute to their calendar yet again!  After much soul searching I decided that a picture or two in the East Byker Gazette would be ecologically preferable. They print on recycled, non glossy paper . It is then re employed as wrapping for take away food. Finally it is used as a fundament polisher. A truly green or possibly brown publication.

Alfie is doing very well and despite losing a demanding position as an executive Rat Catcher he bounced back and is now gainfully employed as a tree waterrier.

Molly has gone from strength to strength this year, her Open University course in Canine Philosophy is proving to raise few, if any, problems…….I would go so far as to state that she is not walking it but sleeping it.

Though it will be difficult to surpass this year’s achievements I am sure that the next year in the Ward Vanhold will prove to be equally satisfying, successful and exciting. Of course there will be problems. Here we prefer to embrace challenges and revel in the opportunities they present. I feel it a pity that more of you don’t share our attitude.

We would like to wish all you less accomplished people the very best of luck in achieving a semblance of success with your inadequate and miserable lives during twenty thirteen or as we prefer to call it MMXIII.

Yours with best wishes and our heads firmly embedded up our arses, (We favour the word fundaments to arses). We don’t patronise here in truck land, you take your pick,


Adrian, Molly and Alfie.


I have been out this morning and just to prove I have another opportunity here are the first results from the Canon in HDR…..


IMG_4273_4_5_tonemapped_edited-1  Even I am not perfect all the time…back to the camera manual….It was a sunny morning, how long it will last is anyone’s guess.

Enjoy Boxing Day. If you are out irritating foxes then I pray it rains on you.

PS. For those that are out dressed in Pink for the first time remember that on sighting a fox the call is Tally Ho!….under no circumstances is bellowing “After the Little Brown Bastard!” considered acceptable. Slaughtering wild creatures must be conducted with the decorum befitting of a gentleman or gentlewoman.




  2. ROTFLOL (if you're not familiar with that one it's supposed to be short for "rolling on the floor laughing out loud") And I promise to stay in the rest of the day and leave the foxes alone.

    1. Monica, I've never got my head round texting. It takes me ages to text, find all the punctuation marks so that I can scatter them randomly as is my want. Thanks for the translation but I was trying to be serious for once. The Queen over here sends us a similar message every year and no one laughs at her. Precious few bother listening.
      Glad you are not out hunting...dangerous it is to both hunters and foxes.

  3. Love the cannon results!! Congratulations on the accomplishments Ward Campers!!

    1. Ruby, just because you are now independent of the mother country doesn't mean you can take the piss. Look what happened with the cricket!
      Have fun and let us know when the Indian Christmas is. Bet that's fun. Like 24/24/24hrs of Bollywood.
      Have a great year and if it goes tits up give us another rant.
      Love A.

  4. Excellent post Adrian.
    Good to see the new toy is performing well in your capable hands.

    I'll not commit to the written word my thoughts on the pink brigade and their despicable pursuits; except to say I hope this is their last Christmas.

    1. I'm all over the place with the new toy.I'll suss it.

  5. Great tongue in cheek letter. You poke holes in many balloons.
    Watch out you sacred cows, you're on the list.
    Enjoyed your post.

  6. i applaud you for your lowering your carbon print! what is the pink brigade?
    beautiful sunrise
    reading your post about your Canon acquisition inspired me to take more photos with mine.
    Happy 2nd day of Christmas!

    1. Norma they are folk who where red coats and chase foxes. The dogs are called Hounds and the red jackets are called Pink.

  7. What can I say.. I do believe
    you are perfect!

  8. Great post. Beautiful sunrise photo.
    Wish you a nice Christmas.
    From Hilda

  9. You do live a charmed life:) I can't believe National Geographic....why couldn't they just meet your requirements?:) Hope you boldly go where no other human or canine has gone before in 2013. Happy New Year!

    1. Chris, I like to give the impression of having principles.

  10. Ha ha ha! I wondered what I'd put in my Christmas letter this year and decided to skip it. Glad you're contributing to the calendar. I hope 2013 is another superior year.

    1. JoLynne, it will be the same as most other years. A rollercoaster ride best describes my life.

  11. All the best to you and your darlings too. I'm sure you'll have fun. I am very impressed (and inspired) by your low carbon-footprint lifestyle, and am just going off to look up 'anchorite'.

  12. PS. I always think you should remove the 'old age' words from your heading. At last I remember to tell you.

    1. Katherine, I'm too old to be a New Age Traveller. The number of close calls I've had I'm proud to have made it this far.