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Saturday 29 December 2012

IT NEVER STOPS. (29/12/12)

Today it’s been warm rain…..This rain is driving me to insecticide ( how did Google let that word past?) Just realised I meant zooicide. This rain is not unrelenting, It has stopped…….See……..IMG_0001_edited-1      Beech Croft Farm at sunset…..Never a better image have I taken.

The new, to me, 5D is sussed. I have learnt to press the big black button and let it get on with what it was designed for. It has a mode dial but I have chosen to ignore it. I leave it on Av. I haven’t a clue what ‘v’ means but on this setting it  acts like an Olympus.

I wish Olympus had kept up. I feel a traitor every time I press a Canon button.

On buttons….this is ridiculous…….

image     The new lens has more buttons, levers and sliders than the Starship Enterprise. Little wonder that poor old Spock was forever bailing Kirky out of the brown and smelly…..I need Scotty! Starship Star Bar he was!

Another  day another dollar less.

All images will enlarge with a click. I’m fed up, life is wet and horrid.

I have learnt this lens also has a wire security tether. Has to be purchased as an extra. Blow that! If they can carry it faster than I can run whilst belabouring them with a tripod the thieves deserve it.

Tomorrow could possibly be wet as well.



  1. Av - the aperture preferred setting.. folks either tend to stay there or use the Tv -Shutter speed preferred setting as I do.

    Av = Aperture value
    Tv = Time value

  2. Hey! Hilary, Many Thanks. Olympus never bothered with the extra letter. I like the Canon but it isn't bomb proof like my Olys.
    Why does it have two ON positions....No worries seems to make little difference. It has three if one counts the OFF bit.
    I have three custom settings so have one already geared up to burst shoot Three bracketed shots. For macro I use manual Guess that's Mv on the left hand dial. I'll check. Yet to find mirror lock up but I have the book.
    Happy New Year and thanks. The money Canon spend printing wee vvvvvvvvv's

    1. PS...I love the top buttons press one and it gives me control, control of what I have yet to learn. The front wheel is perfek! The back dial is a pain. No worries I'll get used to it. Both wheels do different things.....exciting!

  3. Looks like Beechcroft is a very pleasant place to park. The new technologies are sent to challenge us. It's what will keep us going.

    1. Bit busy for me but it is near family so does the job.
      The challenge!!! It's one reason for buying the lens. It can produce superb images. Time will tell if I can drive it.

  4. Like Hilary says Adrian, AV is the aperture priority setting. The one I use all the time.
    You'll soon get the hang of it.
    Roll on summer.

  5. Anglo Saxon Grim here, it's raining again. The dogs want to go out so on with the waterproofs.

  6. Plenty of buttons to play with there Adrian, which one fires up the hyper drive!! I can see that you'll soon be a Canon expert!!...[;o)

  7. Like driving gobbledygook it is....Still looking for mirror lock up. t'll be there somewhere.
    Olympus were or became intuitive. Like finding first in a Hewland box. I'll get there just takes a lap or two round the block.

  8. Who's putting on the waterproofs, you or the dogs? tee hee!
    One of my gifts was a pair of Wellies. They've come in handy with the deep snow drifts! My youngest swore that middle son and wife bought them from the kids' shoe area, but my cousin was withe son's wife, and they aren't. The reason he said it? The boots have pink princess kitties on them. I love them!
    well, I just went on and on, didn't I? Just letting you know that we've had a blizzard and another night of LOTS of snow, not rain. I hope it drifts away from your area soon.

  9. It's wet tomorrow, I think. Put it down to Dithery Dave, I have.

    1. Doing my head in Bob, I have never known so much rain. It's clear here and the wind is away. Should set the camera up for star trails but we have a full moon....such is life.

  10. Norma, wellies are posh footwear here flippers are considered casual. The big dog has a jacket....he feels the cold.
    Happy New Year.

  11. Happy New Year Adrian, isn't it fun figuring out a new toy. I always have my camera manual at hand when I go out to take photos. I've had my Canon for 10 years.

  12. Gets funnier Horst. There are more buttons on the lens than there are on the camera....how it should be the camera is only a light proof box.

  13. Hi Adrian...I am Canon person...I admit my addition ; )!!
    No complaining about the rain, it could be snow, and you could be shoveling like I had to do today, and it is snowing again! grrr!

  14. Confessions-my name is Imaburdie, and Ima die hard, single Pentax, owner/user since 1978. Clickclik goes the shutter. Your new lens is one scary monster.

  15. That's a link, by the way ;)