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Tuesday 29 January 2013

GETTING ON FINE. (29/01/13)

Yesterday I headed south to Milton Keynes. I got parked up, I gave KEITH a ring and he came round. An animal is Keith….He parked on Rosemary’s grass. Not an auspicious start to my venture into a foreign culture. Keith took me out for lunch…the job was looking up….it got better… he paid!

This morning he collected me and off we went to Caldecotte Lake. TREVOR met us there. Good to meet a master of wit and repartee. I was distracted by an angel running. A great place for bird watching is Caldecotte Lake. I would have needed a net to catch the runneress.

_V0G4406_edited-1    The pub where we had lunch yesterday.

_V0G4408_09_10_tonemapped_edited-1I was the only one of our trio to wear wellies. There is a lot of water round here both in the lake and outside it.

_V0G4431_edited-2     Keith visits this lake almost daily and I can see why……..lots and lots of ducks….don’t know what sort of ducks…..Posh southern ducks they are.

_V0G4435_edited-1     Here is another one…..stunning for admirers of ducks is Milton Keynes.


I have no idea what these birds are called, e-mail KEITH……The right hand one is a Mandarin and gorgeous. These are ducks owned by Rosemary and live not fifty yards from the camper. A great place. Superb lady she is…nice bum as well. She lent me the key to the duck pond and all three of us decimated our shutter counts.

_V0G4487_edited-1            Great ducks.

_V0G4448_edited-1   This a Reeves Pheasant….He is called ASBO. He left us alone…..I did say I like eating Pheasants he is brighter than your average Pheasant..

I’m glad I had played with big Bertha. I think these images are okay. Only two in the bin out of one hundred and seventy two. I think I may have almost sussed Canon systems.

Tomorrow we are off somewhere else locally with local guides. I’ll pop a 50mm lens on and get you some pictures of two really handsome men. Thinking ladies crumpet they are.

I’m glad I travelled down this way.


  1. Lovely place to watch birds galore, with Keith and Trevor.

    1. Bob, you only have to ask and you too can come out with us. We can meet up anywhere. We are old and get tired your go-cart would be appreciated.

    2. I'll think about that, maybe when you are closer to me.

    3. I guess we could all meet up at Flamborough head or Leighton Moss The latter is better in winter the former in summer for puffins. Let us know. We aren't real birders. We stop for a rest and I take dogs.
      Just let us know when you want to go and where. No worries to us we only move slowly.

  2. Nice to met you at last Adrian. As you say lots of water in, and out of, the lake...it's a good job that your sensible gene kicked in and told you to put your wellies on!

    Roemary's ducks were fabulous, it was good of her to let us loose with them, although I suspect a bit of sweet talk from you helped to smooth the way! Great images, I think you've got Bertha, and Canon sussed now.

    Milton Keynes isn't known for it's handsome men so I can't imagine where you're going to find two from...[;o)

    1. Trevor, I live in wellies. Sometimes I pop crampons and posh boots on.
      She was a bit stroppy when I arrived here but came round after I realised that phoning worked better than walking and talking.
      I have a face like a ducks arse. I ignore my defects and just keep on talking.
      Must admit that I didn't fancy tupping you at our first meeting but the joggeress was distracting me....multi tasking is not one of my skills.
      Where is your post?

  3. A great morning Adrian, and like Trevor said, you had more sense than us wearing wellies.
    Rosemary was a star letting us in with ASBO and the rest.
    I'll fill in some ID's.
    #1 Bahama Pintail
    #2 Fulvous Tree Duck
    #3 (the white duck) Silver Bahama Pintail
    #4 Mandarin Duck, which you probably knew anyway
    #5 then back to Fulvous Tree Duck, or also known as Fulvous Whistling Duck.
    Excellent morning, and great to catch up with you again.
    Looking forward to tomorrow.

    1. Keith, thanks for taking us all out in your posh motor. A memorable morning.
      Bertha is a belter of a lens. Not easy to drive but manageable. I wonder if the difference between your Zoom and Bertha is worth the pain in my wallet and back....she does weigh a ton or tonne.

  4. A great read and photos, sounds a bit like "Last Of The Summer Wine". Who's Compo ?.


    1. Peter, I'm not Compo, perchance I am..ask the others....I was the only one to complete the lap of the lake without a piss...Sorry JoLynne...comfort break.

  5. Hi Adrian...I just can't even"""BEGIN To IMAGINE""" the three of you together...I'm sure it would blow my mind hee-hee!!; )
    Truly would be nice to meet some blogger friends !!
    Awesome photos from Bertha at work, and a good read to, you leave me shaking my head!! ; ) haha!

    1. If it didn't do your mind there are also green vegetation options on offer. We struggle through this recession but still have cheap fun with ducks and vegetation.

    2. Pop over the Atlantic. No bother, we have forgotten Boston harbour.

  6. Hey Adrian, love the photos and the birds are beautiful. Your Bertha is an awesome lens. Having a day or 2 outing with you guys would be the most fun ever. Have a great week.

  7. Horst. thanks but I hope there is room for improvement. I set myself a limit of 10K
    I'm happy but would still like large format.

  8. That was a pub?! Things have changed since I was last in England. Pubs were small and on corners. The big ones popped up at roundabouts in the '60s were too posh to be called pubs. You had to be 'suitably dressed'. As for Milton Keynes: it wasn't there last time I was - if you see what I mean.

    Great ducks but I wouldn't have described my food as gorgeous. The Mandarin I had in a Peking restaurant in Manchester was certainly superb - or was that a Peking Duck in a Mandarin restaurant? Memory not what it was. Bladder certainly not.

    1. Graham. the pub is a Premier Inn. They imported it brick by brick from Denmark I think. It is very good inside.
      The ducks are great and the rain held off.

  9. It takes some get up and go to be out in these conditions and try all the new stuff on your camera. The ducks were cooperating with you. You got more than just a picture of a duck.

    1. Red, The weather was reasonable. Lets hope it stops that way. The ducks are beautiful.