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Saturday 4 May 2013

OVERDONE? (04/05/13)

I am getting slightly concerned that my images post CS6 are a bit over processed. I invite your opinion. I like plenty of punch in pictures but please feel free to rate them one to ten or crap to magic.

We have had two trips out today, the wind is wickedly cool and just to add to the joys of spring it’s raining again. I was going to focus stack the moss and lichen growing in the rotting gate post but the tripod wasn’t tall enough._MG_0311 copyI re-shot the babbling beck. I couldn’t understand why it was so over-sharpened. I process , resize then hit CTRL+SHIFT+5 to flatten then F+5 to sharpen. I must have been giving the odd image a double dose of unsharp mask.

_MG_0317 copyThis is a different stream further along the hill. I took it as it was surrounded by twigs. I suspect this and similar images could do with being left unsharpened.

_MG_0315 copy_MG_0316 copy

These are taken lying prone in the bog. I was intending to set up for ten or twenty images and stack them. It’s a long job and bog water was seeping slowly through my waterproofs. I decided that discretion was the better part of valour.

_MG_0314 copy    I enjoy bogs…..It’s childish but there is something very satisfying about bouncing on them.

There was plenty of wildlife around this morning. Roe Deer and a solitary Red Deer in the distance and a Buzzard glided over. I found a duck egg that had been eaten sometime during the night. I’d like to think a Pine Martin was responsible but it was more likely to have been a weasel.

_MG_0312 copy   We found the cattle again and managed to get both they and the sheep and lamb in the same frame.

It was back for breakfast and then out again before the rain came.

_V0G6226_7_8_tonemapped copy    Killin is centre frame..Scotland has more pylons than people….it’s a thankless task trying to remove them.

_V0G6229_30_31_tonemapped copy    It was getting awfully dark when I got this little bit of Loch Tay.

That’s all for today. I’ll see what tomorrow brings.


  1. To be honest Adrian I hadn't notice a change in the images when you swapped to CS6, I've always been impressed with both the subject matter and the final version, so in true "spinal tap" style I'll give the images a 11

    1. Douglas, you can have first pick from the liquorice Allsorts.

  2. Another great set Adrian.

    I did sit close to the screen after, with the glasses on, and gave them a good scrutiny. My results, and just my honest opinions, which you may not agree with:

    #1 Looked a bit soft.
    #2 Looked sharper
    #3 Soft
    #4 Sharper. The focus on the ridge much better.
    #5 Soft, or even out of focus. Didn't seem to have a sharp area to concentrate on. I found my eyes wandering over the picture.
    #6 Loved the cows. Looked spot on to me.
    #7 & #8 Perfect. I always enjoy your landscape pictures though.

    Best of the bunch, I would say the cows though. I love everything about it.

    1. Keith,
      #1 is a bit soft. It is not a good subject with all the twigs in the way.
      #2. Same sharpening but there are more twigs.
      #s 3,4,and 5 are not very successful I agree. It was a waste of time getting wet.
      #6. I think it is my favourite of the week. It didn't need much of a prod to get it into line. CS6 has this wonderful non destructive crop tool. It allows you to move the image all over and rotate it and you can still go back and have another go...wonderful.
      I will have another look at the cows but it has been dropped in the print folder.
      Thanks for your help...I was wondering if they weren't a bit too bright and contrasty.

  3. The cows and the two landscapes are the best Adrian, maybe next time it would be a little better if you could just ask the bull to turn around slightly and face the camera, I'm sure it would be very obliging!

    Looking forward to seeing that mini world on the gate post, once you get a box to stand on that is!...[;o)

    I don't know about cs6 but in cs3 to sharpen I go to filters then sharpen and use use the drop down options and play with the sliders!

    1. Trevor, they are lazy devils. I got them to turn their heads by clapping. The dogs helped by barking. they both looked round briefly then went back to sleep.
      The shots of the mini world are in the previous post....as good as it's going to get I feel.
      That is what I do....roughly.
      I load the images into RAW and give them a quick tweek ten drop them in the editor Duplicate the Background. Then I go to Curves and hit auto. It sometimes goes over the top so I just flatten the curve a bit. I then have a quick check in levels. Then A boost of the mid-tones in Vibrance. I then press CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+E to stamp all visible layers onto a new layer and dodge/burn/ saturate with the sponge tool on selected areas like the town was dodged in the penultimate image as was the patch of sunlight in the last picture. I then flatten..resize. Then go to Filter sharpen>unsharp mask. Generally for an image a 1000pixels on the longest side I start with 1px amount 85% threshold between 0&5 depending if there are large areas of flat colour. I then just hit f5 to sharpen subsequent images.
      It's a great bit of software. Should be for the price of it.

  4. I am impressed, nicer with CS6, I think......

    1. I think it is much better. I was concerned that things may be getting too colourful. Not much chance of that with it raining four days out of five.

  5. I love the cows image.. just lovely. Your photos are always enjoyable. You should be processing, or not, to please your own self.

    1. Hilary, I aim for an effect I like. I used to like Velvia but detested Kodachrome...things were easier in the olden days.
      The cows are going in the 'To Print' file.

  6. You're in a very beautiful area wit a lot of good stuff to photograph. You have some great landscape shots. There's one with sunshine on the hills that has some great contrast.

    1. Red, One can wait for hours for sunlight to move across the landscape. It's still a bit cool and damp to be hanging around.

  7. HI Adrian....I'm going to make this easy for myself, I agree with whatever Keith said HAHA...and I don't even know what he meant! ; )
    I do love the one of the cows,and sheep though...it is lovely like a painting!!
    I always like your colorful read and photo's!! ; )
    PS ..really like the mini-world in your previous post!!

    1. Thank you Grace.....I know what Keith meant....leave the swamp alone. I have been considering how to set up for the hole in the gate post. I'll have another go in an hour or so.

  8. The colours work well with the Cattle image. The landscapes are fine too; what I do is try to find a balance between the yellow and green. I don't let too much yellow get hold of the shots.

  9. Maria, the light here is very dull so my first job is to boost temperature. I dislike blue or cool images. I'll try pushing green bit thanks for the suggestion.

  10. 2, 5,6 & & for me. I have edge, intensity and radius sharpening. Don't use the edge much, but a lot of intensity with very little radius which can push it too far into animation levels. Never seen KIllin from anything other than the road or the tourist peaks.

  11. Jay, I use unsharp mask and for the internet around 90% 1.5 pixels threshold zero to 5. I do sometimes duplicate the finished image sharpen the top layer and then mask out the bits I don't want to sharpen.