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Wednesday 20 April 2016

IN THE DARK. (20/04/160

I have done the penultimate video in this series and this time kept everything barring the audio at full quality or lossless in the Blender VSE.

This is the screen grab prior to rendering, the file rendered at 6.47GB which is a little on the large size for YouTube so I had a play with a video compressor called Handbrake. This dropped the file to 52.8MB with no artefacts or reduction in appearance that I could discern.
I will have to play further with Handbrake as it appears to have dropped the video from 1080 to 320. I have had a few goes so it is now time to read the instructions or watch a "How To".*
Here is the video of seeding in the dark.
I have a bit more footage of the Zetor 7745 Turbo tractor rolling the field. I'll see how I get on with that and like it or not so will you. I'll think up some alternative credits and make a real effort with the sound.
* PS. the video is now 1080 so I must have been a little impatient when checking the upload. It's a massive reduction in file size. Clever folk these script writers and better still Handbrake is free.


  1. The camera coped well with the low light levels. Fantastic compression ratio. Probably the darkest sequence helped with that. I assume that is your battle wagon in the background.

    1. John, it was the fourth go at compression. I could go smaller but it started to pixelate round the lights.
      Yes that is the van.
      I am not keen on using the DSLR for video as it is hard to focus and harder still to expose accurately not to mention not being able to see the screen in sunshine. It does do a fair job though.

  2. Well done.Inteeresting how you started itin B & W adn I don't know how you did it but it was clever the way you brough thecolour into the video. Good night video.

    1. Margaret, I guess any editor that allows keyframing could do it. Just drop saturation to zero and keyframe then go on a bit and keyframe zero again then go on a bit and set saturation to where you want and keyframe again. It's one of the easier effects to produce.

  3. You have done a good job of the film, what are the outriggers for on the seeder, is it for centering the seeder on the next pass ?


  4. I've never seen planting done at night. Incredible that you could capture it. Great job.

    1. Marie, many of the big farms work twenty four hour shifts at busy times.