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Wednesday 29 June 2016

CRANE AND MULE. (29/06/16)

Another tiring but really good day. The dogs took me for a walk first thing and whilst I stopped to macro creepy crawlies they did what they usually do, they chase anything worth chasing and sniff and snuffle in the hope of finding something entertaining. I whistle evry now and again to let them know where I am. This morning there was nothing to chase but they did find a couple of spaniels called Marley and Cooper; the latter is yet to have his first birthday so is a little enthusiastic for Alf but Moll steals his pine cone runs a bit lies down and dares him to grab it from an inch in front of her paws. Cooper just cries for his mum, Moll pushes the cone with her nose he grabs it she steals it back and on it goes. After chatting to mum I settled down in the undergrowth and found a Crane fly.

Here it is at 2x on the sensor.


Reasonable depth of field but then I went to 3x.



As you can see depth of field suffers dramatically and the flash was within a crane flies whisker of blowing out the highlights. Before I could pop cigarette paper diffusers on it had had enough, spread it’s wings and away it went.

I then happened on an easy shot of a very common but beautiful insect, The Yellow Dung Fly.



Although it isn’t very greenish I think this is a female.

I then needed messages; provisions to real people, dog food for the dogs, diesel and gas for the van and food, tobacco and drink for Adrian. I forgot most of the Adrian stuff as I was getting fed up with the shopping. I did get food but fancied a stir fry tonight and haven’t any rice or soya sauce. I’ll make do with a Spanish omelette. I’ll have to hurry up with this post or turn the cooker off as the potato bit is ready.

This afternoon it was back to the Mule. After two strip and rebuilds the rear locking differential looks good as does the four wheel drive PTO, I still have a full quota of skin on my knuckles and now we are into a front drive shaft replacement. It arrived by DPD at the back of two and the driver was a beautiful Hugh. (DPD give the drivers name on trackng). Blond hair, bumps in all the right places, no Adams apple I fell in lust with Hugh. She was busy delivering and I was busy ogling……..I must be getting a bit more pervy perhaps I should join the Liberal party; like the Catholic Church and Westminster the Liberal party is jammed full of pervy people. In my defence the van driver was an optimistic twenty five years old probably nearer thirty five. No matter I’m frantically looking for more Mule bits for her to deliver.

Here is the current project…….The Mule.




It is a bit rough but we are getting to know and love it. Loads more bits coming even a speedo cable, a new battery came today. It will last forever once we get the tin welded up. New tyres now ordered and they are not cheap at a hundred pounds a corner. This McPherson strut is past it’s best. On it goes to keep it going on. I love machines but did use some bad words to this one.

Have fun.


  1. Did the McPhersons want to secede? Well, those Scots do know about strutting. Sorry---- I'll sit down now. Wonderful bug images, and I am flabbergasted by the cost of the tires for the thing. I guess it makes sense when you figure they're not high volume items.

    1. Bill they do.
      They are a little on the expensive side.

  2. The crane fly has a tiny head. Great photos.

    1. Marie, they do, it's great to see them close up and there are more colourful ones I'll see if I can find some.

  3. You'll have to get a move on with that mule Adrian...looks like the rust is gaining the advantage?...[;o)

    1. Trevor it looks a lot worse than it is. The Chassis is sound and the rest is cosmetic. It was cheap but by the time it is done it won't be.

  4. Your close ups of the insects are marvellous.

    1. Margaret I'm getting my eye in at long last. No pictures in the bin today.

  5. Catching up with you at long last, Adrian, after my visit to north of the border.

    I can't help but get excited by your macro images. They're an absolute delight! It's wonderful to be able to see something that can't be seen by the naked eye. I find that I'm rapidly getting absorbed by this aspect of photography myself, although I don't see me gaining the technical expertise and equipment that you have at your disposal!

    I love your HDR renderings of the Mule - I sometimes fantasise about owning a vehicle like that! Then I see how much of a project you've taken on, and I come back to reality!

    Keep up the good work - - - Richard

    1. Richard, MP-E 65mm lenses were quite reasonable second hand but I notice the price is increasing again.
      The Mule should be done next week.

  6. Can't believe how rusty the underside of the mile is, the shocks look barely use able. Though I'm not surprised given the amount of abuse they get.

    1. Douglas it has been used for salt spreading for twelve years and was never washed off. We were going to replace the strut but Kawasaki want three hundred pounds for one so it is a matter of measuring it and hunting for one from elsewhere.