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Friday 24 June 2016

LEGS AKIMBO. (24/06/16)

Thank god it’s all over. I wish I could say that the arguments won the day but it was an unedifying spectacle. I really don’t want to be governed by people like this but what choice is there?

Here are a few snaps of the protagonists, What a disaster they are.

Some of the upper classes jeering fishermen.


How I felt for much of the debate.


What is Obarmy doing with these rogues?


At least Frau Mucky had the sense not to wave. She is saying to Obarmy .

”This is how we used to do it.”

It now appears that this body language signifies that one has something stuck up ones bottom or is talking out of it.




Very strange but some people can carry the stance off without looking completely stupid.


Liz Hurley got my vote. I wonder what it is that attracts women to cushions, throws, essential oils and smelly candles?

That’s it till next time.

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Next year perhaps we could have a referendum on whether to keep the House of Lords, maybe a change from FPTP to MMP, a maximum of a hundred MPs. There are lots of things to clarify, lets give power to the people.


Have a great weekend.


  1. I do have very mixed feelings this morning.
    Pleased with the result.
    Apprehensive about the near future, especially with Gideon in charge of the finances, having already plunged the country in to so much debt.
    Definitely time to reform the Lords. Something promised over and over to gain votes and then quietly forgotten once in office.
    It really made me laugh seeing Dodgy Dave trying to do an impression of the Colossus of Rhodes and ending up looking as though he wished he had gone before going on stage.

    1. John, I don't feel like celebrating but I do feel like working. It will be difficult but I'm sure it will be worth it.
      Who advised them to stand like that or do they all wear butt plugs?
      Dodgy also has some strange hand gestures, probably wishes he could do a Geldof but hasn't got the nerve.
      What time does God wake up? Where is the plague of frogs and WW III. Time will tell.

    2. John, I think Gideon's days are numbered too.

    3. He'll be in a beautiful place with a nose full of powder.

  2. A hard time is ahead for the UK. I don't agree with the results of the referendum, and it worries me as well. Hang in there.

    Mersad Donko Photography

    1. We have had a hard time here for years. Life isn't supposed to be easy.

  3. Enjoyed your post today Adrian, especially that last picture.
    Interesting to hear all the sour grapes coming from the losing side, plus they're still spouting their doom and gloom messages. They should pull themselves together and start trying to be positive. A democracy voted, deal with it, and move on.

    1. Keith, many remainers have never had to graft and are terrified things will change. They'll get over it given time and a bit of TLC.

    2. Funny I'm a grafter and voted remain no sour grapes from me just putting the phrase "told you so" into speed type for the coming years.
      Ermmm going to Frau Mucky she may not be waving but isn't she doing a small 'heil' salute lol

    3. No Douglas, she has just lifted Obarmy's wallet.

  4. Interesting times and scary too.

    1. Not scary John, exciting. Do you want Carney back he's a bit slimy but may be better for the kicking he's had.

  5. I see we in the USA are not the only ones wondering if this is the best our country has to offer!

    1. Karen, we are ruled by nasty people. If the numbers can be culled it is for the good.

  6. Ah---- I have no idea what the long term will bring, and I hope it's good. But in what's getting to be a long time observing, I've rarely seen much good come from isolationism and nationalism. But perhaps these are not the driving forces behind the vote. Not my place to make much comment in any event. If you are pleased with the outcome, Adrian, I am glad for you.

    1. It's not about isolationism, it's about curtailing the power of unaccountable dreamers. There are three net contributors in the EU and this is an organisation that has protectionism at it's core. It is time to leave, had it stopped as the EEC then fine or fine if they could ever get anyone to sign the accounts off. It has become a great big trough for failed politicians.