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Sunday 19 August 2018


This video shows how far I have got with soft body physics in Blender. I suspect it is as far as I'll take this but I have an idea for a talking head squishy ball with a mouth and eyes rigged with bones. Hopefully it will sing to music and talk whilst navigating an obstacle course all the while it's eyes following along with the action....This will be A-Level Blendering.

You will see that I got sidetracked again. I hate static movie cameras so decided to construct a helical path to mimic the helter skelter, it would be a larger diameter and then the idea was to get the camera to follow the path. So far easy peasy. I then pick one ball and make it the target for the camera. The computer kept saying no. I added an empty and parented that to my ball of choice and asked it to follow the empty. It did but the empty wouldn't stick to it's parent the ball. The computer said NO. I got fed up and only realised later that had I selected the ball before giving it soft body and collision physics it may have worked. There is also a parenting protocol, I may have selected the wrong one first. I'll give it a whirl as I enjoy this malarkey. I did find a wonderous thing called Camera Fly so good was it I spent ages playing with it and missing what I was aiming at. Much like a real camera. I felt quite at home.

Here is the movie, the commie ball wins, the right wing ball is second but gets stuck, the queer folk balls are four and five and the green one is where it belongs stuck almost out of sight.

Have a good week and I'll see you soon with a bit of combine harvesting.......God and the combine willing.


  1. This is very ...rarified stuff Adrian! I've been away from your blog a long time, and look at what you are up to these days!

    1. Kate, not really I just muddle along with it. I don't Blog very often these days and follow fewer blogs. It all got a bit silly. Good to here from you. Adrian.

  2. The control panel shown in your video looks more complex that the controls in the cockpit of a jet airliner, Adrian. I'll leave the science to you and just enjoy the results! Thank you for keeping me amused - best wishes - - Richard

  3. Richard this is just the Render data. It gets a whole lot more complex when I get into the video editor.....It's just fun.

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  5. Ditto my comment on your last post.