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Sunday 26 August 2018


Today I braved the elements and visited The Fife Heritage Railway It is a very interesting place but I struggled for photographs. I'll have to have another trip. "Forth" the 0-4-0 Saddle tank locomotive was in steam but I didn't wait to see it move. I get days like this when surrounded by interesting things I don't have the motivation to make the best of them.
I only took a 50mm lens so had to zoom in on this rather fine axle set in post production. The workshop come engine shed has some nice machinery but it all looked a bit small for the work one associates with rolling stock and locomotives. I did see a beautiful little Bridgeport mill, it looked in first class order but I didn't like to start messing with it.

She is a beauty, the star of the collection here and the only steamer. They do have another scattered about awaiting some serious money and many hours of work. I did wonder why they have cut a damn great hole in the back of the cab. It may be a dictum from the safety elves so the driver can see the chap coupling up. In the old days shunter's labourers were two a penny so I suspect lack of visibility didn't concern the cab designer. I think a camera in an old lamp shell would have been equally efficient and less agricultural.
I will go back as I do like the place and the natives are friendly.
The next post should be a harvesting video. The forecast looks good for this week.


  1. That Barclay saddle-tank is a little beauty, Adrian, but yes, the hole in the back of the cab is a bit of an abomination!

    It seems your forecast is somewhat better than ours - don't think I'll be out with the camera this week!

    Best wishes - - - Richard

    1. Richard, she is a little beauty. That hole will take some work to sort. I suspect a new rear cab panel. This engine was somewhere else for years so the hole could date back to that time.

  2. Wow. Red and green paint makes for a lively colour palette today! I will take your word for it about the technical things.

    1. Katie, it was lashing it down but still well worth the visit. It's only a twenty minute drive.