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Thursday, 31 January 2019


This morning was a little chilly. Not as chilly as America but then they aren't protected from the foibles of weather by the EU. 
It was -11°C with about the same inch of snow we have enjoyed for a day or two , not a breath of wind so perfect. The wind turbines were having a rest here so the birds were safe and the turbine owners couldn't care less as they get paid anyway. My, silly money, electricity was flowing at 17p/KWh so I was nice and warm inside. Seventeen pence for a KWh, a stupid price to pay but one has to be green. Green energy costs three times that produced by combined cycle gas turbines and we are not short of gas or coal. The solar panels will be clocking up a bit but then it's dark in winter so not for long. I am thinking of running a red diesel gen set again and waiting to laugh at the moaning when power cuts happen. I just downloaded the numbers. Every job in renewable costs around £100,000. The workers are not paid that but the quangos and investors have to take their cut. The country is run by ignorant idiots who employ more of the same ilk to advise them.

 It is total folly to rely on the wind or the sun to power a country. I heard the other day that old folk get help but as I live incognito I don't. I bet the young muzzies and Somalian stabbies do. Little tinkers they know where to go for a liberal welcome.
Anyway onto our wander two. I called at Sainsbury's as I'd run out of bread, milk and Gaviscon. I am suffering terrible heartburn at night and it helps and so it should at £ 8.50p a bottle and it is only a little bottle. A tenth the size of a wine one. I thought it might be alcohol intolerance but having forsaken the drink several months ago I'm thinking of starting it again. Be cheaper than bloody Gaviscon. Then it was a quick run to Loch Leven, it is mostly frozen with a strange sort of semi plastic ice. Can't say I've seen this stuff before. It makes waves or ripples but really slowly. 

It was great to watch it. Then on the way back I saw this little bird but I only had a 50mm lens on so have had to crop the image within a pixel of it's life. Made a good day better.
It's a Tree Creeper but it was behaving very strangely, it could fly but it only flew to the bottom of the next tree, usually they run up them in a helical hopping manner. It seemed fine with the flying. Possibly a special needs Tree Creeper.
Have fun in the cold. 


  1. I wonder if the Treecreper was having problems with its feet, Adrian? Might explain why it wasn't making its way up the tree in the usual fashion. It looks a bit cold at Loch Leven - brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!

    1. Richard, I watched it for about ten minutes and it seemed to be able to hold on to the bark. Perhaps it was just cold.

  2. we pay a lot here to have warm rooms ! it's not too cold but wet !
    Lock Leven is a beautiful place ! must be strange to see the waves under ice but
    beautiful and magic !

    1. Marty the Loch was a wonderful sight to behold.

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  4. My comment is tri-partite:

    1. You are definitely not incognito to your fans in blogland.
    2. Maybe what you were seeing is the Loch Leven monster.
    3. A word to the wise: One doesn't have to be a Tree Creeper to behave strangely.

  5. The weather really is so fabulous if I/we hadn't had commitments I might have taken us off for some serious photography. I might still have the opportunity tomorrow before I return North on Sunday.

    1. Graham, it is beautiful but I suspect today will be the last day of it.