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Thursday, 14 February 2019


Not the Hewitt boy's Sparkles but proper ones for the birthday video mark sevenish.
 This Blendering is becoming obsessive, not unhealthy so as I went for a haircut and still admired the hair cutter. Drop dead gorgeous she is and reasonable at six pounds a trim plus a tip for being quick with the scissors and comely.
I decided to do another birthday video. I wanted multicoloured sparkles. Not asking a lot but 2.8 has forsaken groups. And Layers. We now have to use collections. These Collections are better for instancing. (Your guess is as good as mine). They do work a bit like groups. Finding out what to click when and where is a real pain but endlessly entertaining.

I have had a couple of days fighting software. Adobe has a great selection tool in the eraser. It will separate a horses hair on it's mane or tail from the background, assuming the background has some contrast it doesn't need much but you do have to take passes with adjustments in between them. It  is no good shooting in JPEG through a phone or worse still a bridge camera. One needs massive files to produce a tidy result. The problem is setting it up to do it. Anyone with PS6 wants to know just ask; I'll do a tutorial on the hidden nightmare. I began to see the attraction of one click Apps with a slider or two.

The following video is my attempt at showing how to use collections to group multiple objects as particles in Blender 2.8. There are a few interesting and colourful bits for the majority who won't succumb to the free entertainment this software provides and I finish off with my latest project which is getting object transparency using the EEVEE render engine. A right pain in the bum it is too but I'm almost there.
 I have rehearsed this a dozen times over an hour or so but still cuckoo on the final screen grab. I'd be a terrible actor. I can't learn my wurds. My fingers press stupid. Special needs I am.

That's all for now.


  1. That looks to be a very involved process. Good job you are finding your way around the new Blender.

    1. John, it is easier than in previous versions. I am on my third version of 2.8 but they release new Beta iterations almost daily. Finding stuff is half the battle.
      3D is always involved but I am getting quicker at it. I try and remember to go slowly as it gives folk time to register all the clicks.

  2. Now I'm totally baffled, Adrian. However, I still enjoyed watching the process!

    1. Richard, I have a new project on the go......I am so confused with it that I have had to get a new piece of paper and I'm still non the wiser.

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